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Susan L. Ziegler has dedicated her career to assisting attorneys with the growth and management of their law practices Nationwide. In 1999 she founded SLS Consulting, Inc., specializing in assisting lawyers with client development strategies and Internet visibility.

Bisnar Chase

John Bisnar was the first full-time client of SLS Consulting, Inc., which at the time was just Susan Ziegler with a laptop. The year was 1999, and Bisnar Chase was a small firm in a 7th-floor office, with just two lawyers and a small support staff. When they started with SLS they had a one-page website that brought in zero business. “Search Engine Optimization” wasn’t even a word back then. John gave Susan free reign to do the marketing and – over time – the Internet became the source of hundreds of leads per month for his firm. John was passionate about marketing, and he and Susan learned and worked side by side for over a decade.

Today, Bisnar Chase is a premier Orange County personal injury firm with over 40 employees, including nine lawyers and multi-million dollar verdicts. They have a custom-built office on the ground floor of the building that boasts their name. Eventually, we helped the firm hire in-house staff to do their marketing. Susan worked continually as their consultant until John Bisnar retired recently.

Since 1999 Bisnar Chase went from

and over
Bisnar Chase Circa 1999
Bisnar Chase in 2019

The Husband & Wife Law Team

When Alexis and Mark Breyer first reached out to us, they were no strangers to digital marketing. They were very active in legal Mastermind groups and were referred to Susan by John Bisnar. They had a website, but it wasn’t really bringing in any business and they wanted to expand their firm.

Together, we created a website that turned into a marketing machine. The firm started signing more and more cases as traffic climbed. The Internet became their main source of cases, and still is today. The firm now owns offices throughout Arizona and Nevada, with a large support staff and hundreds of multi-million dollar cases to their name. Mark and Alexis are both stellar attorneys with great reputations, esteemed in the legal community.

The Husband & Wife Law Team grew from

in 2008

Pendergast Law

Pendergast Law, was also referred to Susan by John Bisnar. The firm had a complicated and convoluted presence online when we first took them on. The site wasn’t ranking well, and there was tough competition in the Seattle market. Focusing solely on auto accidents, the firm was spending a huge amount of money on TV to try to bring in cases, since their Internet marketing wasn’t producing results.

We helped the firm tailor their web presence to auto accidents only and cleaned up their online footprint. We have helped the firm prosper in Seattle through hard work and perseverance. They continue to rank well and grow in a tough market, now signing the majority of their cases from the Internet.

In the first year as our client H&P’s ROI


Wingate, Russotti, Shapiro, Moses & Halperin, LLP

WRSMH has been with SLS Consulting, Inc. since 2000. They were our second full-time marketing client and came to SLS to help them start getting cases from the Internet. Susan was still working from her house alone at this point – just her and her computer. She started out by building WRSMH a free Justia website and then – once she learned coding – built them a custom site. They were already a prestigious firm, but had no presence on the Web.

After partnering with us for the long haul, WRSMH became the #2 personal injury firm in New York City/Manhattan in search results for hundreds of terms, including medical malpractice and construction. The firm gets over 300 calls a month from their online marketing, and Cliff Shapiro once said to Susan: “If I ever stopped practicing law, I would continue to pay you so no one else could have you.”

WRSMH website alone generates over

calls per month

In addition to the above highlighted firms, in the last 20 years SLS has also helped many other notable firms including:

Panish Shea & Boyle LLP Robinson Calcagnie, Inc. The Reiff Law Firm Masry & Vititoe Carpenter, Zuckerman & Rowley Nadrich & Cohen, LLP

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