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Design Tip #1: Proper Introduction

When people land on your firm’s website, the first thing they see is everything above the fold (aka the header). The best way to grab their attention and convert them into leads is to give them a singular reason to hire you. Ask yourself: What makes me different and, more importantly, better than my competition? Since self-assessment can be hard, it is always helpful to go through your client testimonials to find out what objectively makes you unique. Do not hide behind generic lawyer qualities; tell your potential clients what makes you different.

Design Tip #2: Showcase Attorneys

A picture could be worth a thousand words. Photos of real people on landing pages statistically double the conversion. At the end of the day, when the case is signed, it is you and the client one on one. Do not leave your client guessing; show your face right away and earn their trust. You don’t need to take pictures for your website every day, not even every year, so there is no reason to rush through it. Consult with a marketing professional to make sure your photos convey the right qualities though your attire, pose, and expression. Hire a professional photographer to take high quality shots, and let your personality shine.

Design Tip #3: Display Your Relevant Experience

The biggest proof of one’s ability is experience. If you show your clients right away that you have won cases like theirs before, it will give them the confidence to choose you as their lawyer more than anything else. Show your best case results above the fold (in the header), so your clients see it right away. Remember, for someone who is looking for a divorce attorney, it does not matter if you recovered hundreds of millions of dollars or zero in personal injury cases—they only care about relevant experience. So, if your firm covers multiple practice areas, make sure to showcase that diversity as well (if there are several practice areas to choose from, focus on the main ones).

Design Tip #4: Don’t Just Solicit, Offer

Most users are timid to fill out contact forms, because they are afraid to get spam emails and texts. One of the best ways to entice them to fill out the form is to explain what they will be getting in return. Instead of saying “Contact Us Today”, use phrases like “Get your case evaluation and a free consultation”. Your clients will know exactly why they will be giving you their contact information. Similarly, be clear about what information you want them to put in the form. Instead of using “Message”, use something like “Describe what happened to you”.

Design Tip #5: Use Color as a Tool

It is no secret that all colors have their own unique psychological effect. Your firm’s primary and secondary colors are a major factor in whether your website visitors are going to convert or not. Choose your color palette with the purpose in mind, not just the visual aesthetic. Consult with a marketing expert on what colors would work. When in doubt, a split A/B test will always show you what is your best option. This involves showing half of your users one of two colors, while the rest see the other one. Then, all you have to do is compare the conversion rates to see which one brings in more leads.

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