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There are many paths to increasing a lawyer website’s online presence, and while a law firm should never simply pursue one path to a better web presence, some areas are often overlooked. One such area is online reviews, even though it has been a major factor in websites’ online presence for years.

The Importance of Online Reviews for Attorneys

computer monitor with Yelp site Law Firms that have extensive and positive online reviews can prove to potential customers that the services that they provide are not only legitimate, but of high quality. Additionally, negative and critical feedback can allow a law firm to see their mistakes and improve upon them to increase their chances for success. However, some negative reviews are illegitimate and must be handled with effective reputation management in mind so as to not fuel the fire of any arguments.

When it comes to using search engine optimization (SEO) and improving your online rankings, some search engines take reviews into account when ranking sites. Overall, having reviews on other sites and posting those reviews on your own company’s site can give credibility and draw customers across the web to your site.

Pursuing Quality Reviews

While websites cannot force reviewers to provide online reviews, and fake reviews can actually result in penalties by search engines, providing customers with the knowledge of reviewing the business and giving a high quality product to ensure good reviews. There are many different online review websites available, and there are even more sites dedicated to reviewing specific types of businesses.

By informing your customers that they can review your business online, and even directly asking them to provide reviews, you can build up a large amount. A larger amount of favorable reviews can establish your law practice as legitimate and commonly used and lessen the amount of impact that a single negative review has on your company. Additionally, this provides a greater chance that customers will happen upon your business while searching related terms both on search engines and within related review sites.

It is important to provide continued quality service and be dedicated to each client. Remember, any customer can post an online review, and some may have an unexpectedly high amount of respect online that could positively or negatively impact your review in a major way.

What Websites Can Provide Your Business with the Best Reviews?

Reviews posted on Google are directly tied to a business’ search results on Google. Other popular review websites include Yahoo! Local Listings, Yelp!, Consumer Reports, and City Search, where regular visitors will be able to see how your business functions and be drawn to learning more through positive reviews. While Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are not official review websites, comments by followers, recommendations, and overall activity can draw in new and returning customers.

Making the Most Out of Reviews

At SLS Consulting, our legal Internet marketing team is dedicated to creating a strong web presence for every client through a tailor-made marketing plan that adjusts to the continually shifting landscape of SEO. Local listings and online reviews are important to our clients’ success and important to us to leverage and manage in the most effective ways possible.

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