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  1. Create a posting calendar: Having a calendar will help you not only stay organized but will allow for better planning of the content posted to your social media platforms. A year-long posting calendar is ideal, but if that task seems too daunting, create a monthly calendar. Decide what platforms would be of benefit to your firm, how many posts per month, and what days and times will bring the most traffic.
  2. Create a style guide for your posts: Using the same colors, fonts, and design elements allow the user to recognize your brand. Similar to yellow arches representing McDonald’s, it is important to create consistent design elements that reflect your brand.
  3. Image size matters: Each platform has different image size requirements which, if not done correctly, can stretch or skew your post.

    Here are two great resources that show social posting guidelines:
  4. Have a clear voice/tone to your posts: Decide how you want to connect with your audience. Will your audience relate more to a professional and factual tone of voice? Or is it better to be casual and humanize yourself to your audience? Having a consistent tone will give your audience a sense of familiarity with any new post. Also keep in mind the tone can differ according to what social platform you are posting to, as each serves a different demographic.
  5. Post about current events: Since social media is all about the present, it is important to post on what is happening in the world. If a big game is coming up, create a post of the office wearing their team jerseys. If it is a holiday, post about how the staff celebrates. These posts are engaging and humanizes the staff.

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