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Leveling the Playing Field

In the digital age, billboards, print advertisements, and word of mouth are not enough to market your business – especially for the competitive industry that bail bondsmen work in. Bail bond agencies have to be more proactive than ever if they want to reach new clients, and given that most people search for everything online, that means establishing a strong online presence with Google. Building a website is not enough anymore – you need to market it, update it, and optimize it constantly to get ahead of your competition.

Mastering the art of SEO takes years, and you do not have the free time to experiment with every SEO guide out there. Instead, entrust your marketing endeavors to a top SEO team. At SLS Consulting, Inc., we live and breathe digital marketing, and have been doing so since 1999. We understand the limitations bail bond agencies have to work with when marketing online and know how to relay your agency’s special set of skills and capabilities to new clients. To schedule a meeting with a dedicated team of SEO experts, call our office at (323) 254-1510.

The Strongest Alternative to Paid Advertising

Marketing a bail bonds agency has never been harder. Starting in July of 2018, Google banned all bail bond advertisements through AdWords, severely limiting bail bond agencies’ ability to reach new clients. Facebook and Instagram followed suit shortly after Google’s announcement, leaving Bing and DuckDuckGo as the only other major search engines that allow bail bond ads, and it is unclear how long that will continue.

The only advantage to this ban is knowing that your competitors also lack these options. Now, when someone searches “LA bail bonds,” they only see Google Map and organic results – no ads. You no longer have to plan your marketing budget around PPC and stress over your bids. Instead, all your efforts can be focused on optimizing your website, expanding your links, and building your authority with Google’s search algorithm.

Capitalize on Your Expertise

Search results no longer go to the highest bidder. Every agency is now on the same, even playing field. While this makes ranking on page one more competitive, we know you are no stranger to competition. When it comes to SEO, you can worry less about budgeting your bids on Google Ads and more about marketing your expertise. Google favors websites that answer questions and provide reliable information.

When it comes to bail bonds, the average person has no idea how they operate, what rules they need to follow, and what is a fair deal. Answering these questions thoroughly and clearly for potential clients is not only key to securing a lead, but also to establishing your authority with Google, which improves your rankings. This all starts with determining what potential clients are confused about and how you can help them.

What We Can Offer You

There’s no yellow brick road to ranking number one on Google. SEO strategies that worked 10 years ago are woefully outdated. In our experience, many clients come to us after months of using unreliable SEO shortcuts or tips that barely moved the needle on their ranking. We understand how frustrating marketing your agency can be; there are numerous marketing firms that are quick to offer quick SEO solutions while eating away at your budget.

At SLS Consulting, Inc., we do not believe in shortcuts; instead, we firmly believe that SEO is a marathon, and we are committed to running the entire gauntlet -- not only to get you to spot one, but to keep you there. To do so, we have developed in-depth SEO strategies and utilize a wide variety of white-hat tactics. As a part of our tried and tested methods, our SEO experts can handle your agency’s:

In over 20 years, SLS has seen how search engines evolve in real-time and learned to get ahead of the curve when major updates launch. Let our SEO experts market your expertise so you can focus on working with new clients.

Be There When Your Clients Need You

To SLS Consulting, Inc., marketing your bail bond agency isn’t just about boosting traffic and increasing your rankings, but about reaching new clients when they need you. We understand the important role bail bondsmen play in our legal system and take marketing your firm very seriously. Our bail bonds marketing experts will not simply stop at expanding your agency’s overall reach; instead, we dedicate our efforts to helping you land new clients, expand into new regions, and build your caseload.

Marketing your bail bond agency can be an intimidating process to start on your own, but you do not have to. The team at SLS Consulting, Inc., is prepared to develop a robust, multi-pronged marketing strategy to expand your business. There is no cost to reaching out to us for a call or to contacting us online to discuss your marketing endeavors. Call (323) 254-1510 to request your hand-crafted SEO audit and a free consultation.