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Reach New Audiences With a Robust Campaign

Nowadays, every business that is serious about growing its clientele has a social media account – including those in the legal industry. Bail bond agencies are no different, and you likely already have a Facebook account for your agency. But how well is it working for you? Do you feel like it is not pulling in the leads you need? Do you only have time to post every once in a while, and when you do, are you not sure what will help you reach clients?

Almost every client SLS Consulting, Inc., has worked with has these same questions, and not only can we answer them, but we can also find the right solution for your business. With over 20 years of experience, our team knows how to build effective social media strategies and campaigns across every platform available. We have seen firsthand the types of posts and content that engage users and help clients expand their reach to new audiences. If you have questions about marketing your bail bond agency’s social media accounts, call SLS Consulting, Inc., at (323) 254-1510 and set up a free consultation. We can walk you through our tried and tested marketing strategies.

Why Social Media Is Key to Your Agency’s Success

You’ve probably encountered clients who had no idea what a bail bond was or how a bail bond agency could help them until they looked it up online, and this is true for most legal issues. If you ask the average person today how they get their information, they often give you two answers: “I Googled it,” or social media. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are their primary sources for news, and oftentimes, the first place they hear about a new business or service. For bail bond agencies, social media presents the opportunity to not only educate online users, but also market directly to them.

Social media is the digital word of mouth. Friends and family on Facebook can easily share and recommend legal services with a few clicks, and for bail bond agencies, those organic shares can be a huge boon for business. If someone’s loved one, friend, or coworker has been arrested, they may turn to their Facebook friends for advice. If they happen to know a former client of yours, then you may end up getting a new client based on a simple recommendation.

In addition, previous clients can easily tag you in posts thanking you for helping them out in a difficult situation, allowing your brand name to grow in their social circles. This organic traffic is absolutely necessary to grow your social media accounts, especially given that Facebook and Instagram do not allow bail bonds to use their ad services.

But you cannot simply open an account and expect old clients to start sharing it. You need to be proactive in your marketing efforts. This means planning out engaging posts, responding to questions, sharing important legal news, and explaining the benefits of your company. If you are consistently posting quality content and active in engaging with your followers, you’ll steadily see growth in traffic from your various social media accounts -- and new clients. However, if you really want to maximize the potential of your social media, you need to know your audience and how to speak to their interests.

Pick the Right Tools for the Right Job

While most social media accounts work off the same principles – likes, followers, sharing – each one needs a unique strategy to effectively bring in new clients. Having high-quality images is necessary for any profile, but especially so on Instagram. In contrast, what would be a normal post on Facebook will have to abide by Twitter’s character limits unless you have a strong enough voice to carry a longer thread.

All of this is to say that your agency needs to put in the time and effort to build out each account’s timeline and identity. You cannot simply draft one post and share it across every account in the hopes that it will see the same results. Instead, you should learn what makes each platform unique, what types of audiences you’ve grown online, and what strategies work for them. This can take a lot of research, experimentation, and trial and error, and it can be difficult to assess your post’s quality without an outside perspective.

That is where SLS Consulting, Inc., can benefit your agency. We have extensive experience working with bail bond agencies and law firms in almost every practice area. We have seen every type of social media account and know how to evaluate its effectiveness. If you sit down with our team, we can build an engaging social media strategy that builds on your agency’s strengths and garners the attention of the audience you want. And all of this starts with determining how you want your agency presented online.

Presentation Matters

When most people think of bail bonds, they imagine a random billboard they saw on the freeway, but very few understand what bail is or how to pay for it. This lack of knowledge may make them feel too intimidated to reach out to you. This is where your social media accounts come in.

Just as social media can be used for sharing information and news, it is also a digital space for users to express their personalities. This is no different for bail bond agencies. Your firm does have a unique brand, and it is important to clearly present it online. When it comes to social media, this means developing a posting style that fits the tone of your company. You may wish to appear informative, knowledgeable, or professional. Or you may want to humanize your agency, showcasing how your staff has helped people in past after a terrible run-in with the law. Subtle humor may be your style. What you post and how you post will determine how users view you and the likelihood that they will seek out your services.

On the SLS side of things, we thoroughly review all available information about your agency to help you develop your social media brand. This can include analyzing surveys, sorting through client reviews, looking at your old posts, and highlighting your firm’s successes, awards, and certifications. Once we have determined how others view your brand and how you want to present your brand, we can build a strong social media campaign that makes your agency stand out.

Where SLS Comes Into Play

Creating a marketing strategy for your social media accounts requires research, dedication, and experience, but we understand that you are in a busy industry. You may not have the time to manage your accounts. Instead, focus on serving your clients, while we focus on expanding your leads. Our social media team at SLS Consulting, Inc., can market your business across every major social media service available, including:

The team at SLS Consulting, Inc., is ready to take on your bail bond agency’s marketing efforts. Since 1999, we have been serving clients in the legal field, from personal injury firms to bail bondsmen. We know how critical your services are to your clients, which is why we are dedicated to marketing your business and getting your name in front of new clients when they need you the most. To schedule a free consultation with a team of bail bond marketing experts, call SLS Consulting, Inc., at (323) 254-1510 or contact us online.