Marketing Company Comparison: SLS vs The Company Trying to Sell You Links

When it comes to better search result placement, links are important. A website with a strong backlink profile is in a much better position to outrank its competition than a website with a poor backlink profile. But what exactly makes a strong backlink profile? Is it quantity or quality of links? Is it free or paid links? When you get solicited by another marketing company attempting to sell you a link-building package, what exactly does that mean? Let’s break it down! That way, the next time you get solicited by a company trying to get you to focus on links, you’re better equipped to weather the sales pitch.
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Ask SLS: Is Virtual Office Space an Option?

Having worked with law firms over the last two decades, one of the more common questions we receive centers around the idea of real office space versus virtual office space. Before we answer this month’s question, let’s define the two different types of spaces.

A real office space is not only where you regularly work, it’s also a space that is yours and yours alone. The address is solely associated with your law firm. It isn’t shared with other law firms, or even other types of businesses. It’s where you show up to work each week, where your staff shows up to work, and a location where official correspondence is sent and received in a timely manner. If a potential client visited this type of office, they would be able to speak with an official employee of your firm. Read the rest »

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SLS Roundtable – What’s the Best Advice You Would Give to a Solo Practitioner?

At SLS, we sometimes get calls from lawyers who are in a market where we already have an existing client. Because we offer our clients exclusivity, we can’t always take on every client who reaches out to us. However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t help point them in the right direction!

We recently sat down with our management team and asked to answer the following question:

What’s the best advice you would give to a solo practitioner trying to compete on the Internet these days?

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Ask SLS: Is It Better to Get Written or Video Reviews from Your Clients?

Today, we’re tackling the world of client reviews. Whether you’re placing reviews on your website, asking clients to leave you reviews on a third-party site, or setting up a camera and asking them say a few words about what it was like to work with you, you can never go wrong with getting feedback from clients. Not only will it potentially help your marketing efforts, but it also comes in handy if you’re constantly trying to improve the quality of service your law firm is delivering. That said, our question for today is…

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Marketing Company Comparison: SLS vs The Company Trying to Sell You Facebook Likes

Have you ever gotten an email solicitation from a marketing company promising to get you more engagement on your Facebook page? Depending on the industry you’re in, an offer like this could be extremely valuable – particularly if you’re selling some sort of product that people can potentially buy on impulse. If you’re a lawyer, however, selling your services on Facebook, or any other social media site for that matter, isn’t necessarily going to land you more clients.

Q: If I get more Facebook “likes” than I currently have, will that improve my SEO? Read the rest »

SLS Consulting Named #1 of Top 5 SEO Companies

We’ve often compared the world of SEO marketing to the Wild West, but it’s nice to know there are sheriffs out there, separating the good from the bad. And one of them is Rising Star Reviews, which ranks local SEO experts based off of client reviews.

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Everything You Ever Needed to Know About Online Reviews!

Whether you’re looking for a new restaurant to try, deciding which hotel to stay in, or even trying to find a new mechanic to work on your car, the odds are pretty good that you took a look at an online review site to help you make your decision. Even though online reviews can sometimes be questionable, they do represent crowdsourced opinions regarding specific businesses, and people often find reviews more reliable than how a company markets itself. In short, people often trust other people more than they do the business.

For lawyers, obtaining client reviews can be difficult, but the potential benefits are huge! Not only do online reviews help differentiate you from your competition, but they can also provide valuable insight that can have a big impact on conversion and signing new cases. Let’s take a look at some specific review sites and how law firms should strategize for each one.
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Join SLS in Giving to PCDA’s Holiday Toy Drive!

For the seventh year in a row, Professional Child Development Associates (PCDA) is holding its annual Holiday Toy Drive! Between November 26th and December 21st, 2018, unwrapped, non-battery-operated toys can be dropped off at multiple locations in the Los Angeles area, including outside of SLS Consulting’s office door in Old Town Pasadena!

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Which Digital Marketing Tools Are SLSers Most Thankful For This Year?

As we head into Thanksgiving, we’re all preparing to spend time with our families, stuff our faces, and celebrate the good things we have to be thankful for. Sure, there’s the usual: friends, loved ones, having a roof over our heads, and having delicious turkey (or tofurkey) to eat, but we at SLS wanted to go one step further and talk about what we’re thankful for here in the office.

To that end, we asked each of our departments what hardware, software, or other work-related “tool” they were most thankful for!

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MozCast Google Algorithm Review – October 2018

The end of September saw a flurry of Google search engine activity! Those updates spilled over into the beginning of October, and we’ve been tracking them for you in our monthly installment of the MozCast Google Algorithm Review.

Ever wonder why your website’s rankings dip or swell? The answer is that Google’s engineers are always tinkering with Hummingbird, Google’s core algorithm, and its individual components. Since no one besides Google truly knows what is being done or the goals of the updates, we bring you the search engine world’s best guesses!

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