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Southern California MarketingWinter is finally here in southern California, but while cold weather may have only temporarily invaded the Southland, don’t expect any snow flurries. Of course, nothing says wintertime like bright, clean snow. So, if you’re trying to get into the spirit of the season, you may need to go on the hunt for the perfect winter memory.

Snow may be hard to come by in southern California, but you can find it if you know where to look. At SLS Consulting, we love getting into the season and have created a list of some of the best places to go to find snow this season.

Big Bear – One of the most popular places to play in the snow in southern California, Big Bear offers the classic winter experience. The ski slopes will be running for months and cabins of all sizes dot the city. Take your winter gear and set aside a few days to embrace the snowy experience. Whether you want to ski, snowboard, hike, or just relax, it’s possible in Big Bear. Nearby Lake Arrowhead also offers top quality winter sports and relaxation experiences.

Fake Snow – If you can’t get up into a higher elevation, there are places all around that create their own wintertime experience. The Glendale Galleria, Downtown Disney, Universal Citywalk, and many more shopping centers create “snow” at night, sometimes every day until Christmas. While it’s typically made out of soap bubbles, the mix of artificial snow, music, and holiday joy can make magical moments for people of all ages.

Palm Springs – This hot, arid city may seem like the last place to look for a wintertime experience, but you may be surprised by what Palm Springs has to offer. Visitors can enter the San Jacinto wilderness through the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway, ascending 1.5 miles into a forest locale that is far cooler than the desert below. With regular snowfalls and a thick forest, visitors can cross-country ski, enjoy the Wilderness Adventure Center, take part in many family activities, and even camp over night in the San Jacinto wilderness.

“Chill” at The Queen Mary – Those looking to get more into the holiday spirit can go to “Chill” at The Queen Mary, a winter wonderland for kids and parents alike. While the event has food, Santa, ice skating, and more, the main attraction is the Ice Kingdom exhibit. Housed in the Spruce Goose dome, guests can visit a giant ice sculpture exhibit. Dozens of giant ice sculptures telling the story of the Nutcracker fill a tent that is lowered to well below freezing temperatures. The exhibit is so cold that guests are given thick parkas to stay warm as they walk through. Best of all, guests get to go down a giant ice slide!

Countless Ski Resorts – For a few months every year, these places are packed with Californians hungry for snow. Whether you are seasoned or brand new, you can find skiing and snowboarding opportunities at a wide range of mountain resorts, including Mammoth Mountain, Mountain High, Snow Summit, and Bear Mountain. Make sure to check the forecast and snow levels before you go to get the most out of your trip.

Wherever you go to enjoy the snow, make the most of it with good times, fun memories, and time well spent with your loved ones!

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