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California Fall FestivitiesWhile you may not know it, the fall season is in full swing in southern California. Unlike other parts of the United States, this time of the year isn’t as evident or festive by default. However, a slight chill in the air and changing colors in nature will put many people in the mood to celebrate autumn.

And while you may not know it, there are plenty of ways to celebrate fall in southern California. If you and your family are looking to embrace this time of year, consider the following activities that will put you in the mood for fall, no matter how warm it may be outside.

Fall Festivals

Festivals are springing up in cities across southern California, giving residents the chance to be transported away from the typical SoCal day and into a fall wonderland.

The Oak Glen Fall Apple Festival offers visitors the chance to pick apples and berries and also enjoy fresh apple pies and apple cider. The orchards at the festival produce a wide variety of apples that are not commonly found elsewhere, and the festival runs until the end of November.

Other harvest festivals usually last only a few days, typically the span of a weekend. However, these are dotted across So Cal and there are events happening every weekend in both November and December. Find out more about what festivals are happening near you and when by visiting the website.

Finding the Season

While So Cal’s climate means that most of the area won’t show obvious signs of the fall season, there are still plenty of places that are entrenched in autumn. For a weekend trip, consider traveling to Big Bear Lake or Lake Arrowhead, where cool temperatures and fall colors will take you away from southern California. The beautiful sights are also perfect for photography.

For day trippers, many parks throughout So Cal are filled with plants that are now filled with the colors of fall. Lake Perris State Recreation Area, Big Rock, California Citrus State Historic Park, Chino Hills State Park, and Laguna Coast Wilderness Park are all experiencing the effects of the fall. Take a picnic lunch and anything else you’d use to make it an enjoyable experience for everyone in your family so that you can stay as long as you would like, no matter what the weather might be like.

At-Home Fun

The best way to embrace the season is to bring some of fall into your own home. While there are no set types of fall decorations like Halloween and Christmas, it’s easy to bring a harvest feel indoors.

Shades of orange, red, and yellow can help match the changing leaves in autumn, even if there are none in the evergreens surrounding your home. Placemats, towels, bed sheets, and more come in these colors and can add a dash of fall color to every room in the house. Additionally, buy some pumpkins and other gourds from the nearby grocery store or a patch and place these in windows, on mantles, or other places where they are in full view. Since you won’t be carving them, they last much longer than jack-o’-lanterns.

Whatever way you wish to celebrate fall, have fun and enjoy the unique sights that only come around during this season!

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