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Many law firms consider their receptionist as one of the least important positions in the office. They usually are one of the lowest-paid employees in the firm. They answer the phone, make coffee, order supplies, and make sure visitors get parking validations…. What is so important about that?

After two decades marketing for law firms exclusively, let me tell you… your receptionist is the most important hire you will make.  They are the first point of contact with your firm for all new potential clients. How they answer the phone, and treat that potential client’s needs, will make all the difference in whether the client decides to hire your law firm… or not!

I have seen firms spend thousands of dollars per month on advertising to bring in potential clients, yet they won’t spend the money to hire a decent receptionist, choosing to use an answering service instead. No matter what type of law you practice, this is not the right choice to maximize your marketing budget. Consider your receptionist as part of that budget.

Your receptionist has to be friendly, caring, knowledgeable about the firm, the type of law you practice, and able to put the client at ease while they wait to speak to a lawyer or intake specialist.  Your receptionist doesn’t just “answer the phone,” they manage your potential clients. This is a vital part of your intake procedure and should be considered during the hiring process.

Next time you consider spending money on marketing, think about what type of experience your potential clients are going to have once they contact your law firm. Make sure your receptionist is well-trained and able to effectively handle potential client calls and manage their expectations – especially if there is no attorney or intake specialist that can immediately speak to them. Make sure you have an effective procedure for all new client calls, whether they get put through or have to leave a message.

If you don’t have an effective intake procedure currently, and you are spending money on marketing for potential new clients, it is time to rethink your priorities. Call me at (323)254-1510 if you have any questions or advice on updating your intake procedures.

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