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Even though chatbots aren’t real people, they provide a personalized experience that puts users at ease. Most potential clients would rather interact with a chatbot when exploring a website than search for information or fill out a submission form.

Chatbots are an excellent way to enhance customer engagement and streamline the intake process. Your digital marketing firm can cultivate the best strategy to integrate chatbots into your marketing campaign.

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How Chatbots Can Help Convert Website Visitors

A chatbot is an automated computer program that provides a simulated “live chat” conversation with website visitors. Users appreciate how chatbots immediately welcome them to the website and ask if they require assistance.

Chatbots act as friendly guides who greet visitors and point them in the right direction. They are incredibly versatile and can be programmed to perform various types of tasks, including:

  • Greet visitors
  • Provide contact information
  • Provide office hours and location
  • Answer FAQs
  • Build trust and loyalty
  • Keep visitors engaged and entertained
  • Personalize the customer experience
  • Book consultations
  • Perform intake tasks
  • Screen potential clients
  • Generate leads
  • Free up staff time
  • Collect case details
  • Direct visitors to pages that answer their questions
  • Provide real-time communication that’s available 24/7

Tips for Using Chatbots

It’s good to monitor your chatbot interactions and implement updates as needed. The chatbot process may frustrate some visitors, so they must always have the option to speak with a representative, send a text message, or email your office.

You’ll want to create a personality for your chatbot by giving it a name and adding a photo. You can even use humor, but chatbots should never come on too strong or make inappropriate comments.

Chatbots must keep the conversion flowing and avoid awkward moments or dead ends. Creating a decision tree with conversation paths will help you design an effective bot script that does the following:

  • Keeps the process conversational
  • Answers questions promptly and efficiently
  • Asks yes/no questions.
  • Provides multiple-choice answers to questions
  • Avoids legal advice
  • Uses clear and concise language

Things to Watch Out for When Using Chatbots

There are some potential risks when using chatbots. Although the response from users is overwhelmingly positive, some people find chatbots unappealing. It should be easy for visitors to opt out of the chatbot process if they aren’t interested.

With advances in artificial intelligence (AI), chatbots are becoming progressively more sophisticated. However, they still have limitations and can’t always understand what visitors are trying to say.

Unlike the people who work in your office, chatbots cannot respond to human emotions. There are many types of questions chatbots can’t answer and tasks they’re unable to perform.

As you integrate chatbots into your business, you’ll find the proper balance between human and artificial intelligence that allows you to convert more clients.

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