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Marketing TipsHere at SLS Consulting, we always try to go above and beyond for our clients. We design websites according to their exact specifications, we continually tinker with their site’s SEO to make sure that everything is running at optimal levels, and we examine their content on a regular basis to make sure that it’s converting effectively.

However, in some rare cases, we still hear that a client is not getting cases and, after evaluating everything that we do on our end of things, we’ve been absolutely baffled as to why this is happening. The website is getting plenty of traffic, the contact forms are regularly being submitted, and the number of phone calls hasn’t dropped drastically, if at all. It wasn’t until we picked up the phone and called one of our clients that we realized what the problem was – how the phone call was answered.

Proper phone etiquette can be more of an issue than you would think. It is often one of the most obvious problems, yet gets completely overlooked the vast majority of the time. In one particular scenario, we called a client and the phone simply rang and rang. It turns out that the law firm didn’t even realize that when the receptionist was away from the phone no one else was answering it or was even aware that it was ringing.

In another scenario, we called one of our clients and the voice that answered the phone was less than friendly. Even though we had a phone conference scheduled at that time, the receptionist was extremely unhelpful, didn’t know who we were, and wasn’t really the right person to be the first voice that potential clients speak to when calling the law firm.

Suffice it to say, low case intake isn’t always a website problem. Sometimes it can be something as simple as adjusting phone procedure. A well-designed website, informative content, and properly optimized coding will definitely help attract visitors to your site, but the focus should shift to stellar customer service once the phone rings. Answering the phone politely can sometimes mean the difference between a good month and a bad month, client intake wise.

Remember, the voice that answers your phone is the first human interaction a potential client has with your law firm. Make sure that it’s a memorable one!

Has your firm ever had a phone-answering faux pas? Share your story with us in the comments…

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