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Pasadena Online MarketingThe landscape of the Internet is constantly changing, so it is up to a conscientious SEO company, like SLS Consulting, to track online marketing trends as they develop to more thoroughly serve companies. Forbes recently published an article online that we found interesting.

The article posited what the top online marketing trends will be in 2014 and why you should not ignore them. We thought we’d share some of those insights with you.

1. Content Will Continue to be King

Content has always been important when it comes to establishing your company’s authority and trust with your online audience. That is not going to change. Content shared via social media, articles on your website, videos, and e-newsletters not only establish insight for your customers, but it builds a loyal audience. Building an effective content strategy has always been important and there is no reason to believe that will not continue into 2014 and beyond.

2. More Means More When It Comes to Social Media Outlets

It seems like it was back in the Stone Age when a business was limited to just Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn as the only social media outlets that could be used to implement marketing campaigns. With the rise of Pinterest, Vine, Instagram, Tumblr, and Google+, companies are looking at a plethora of new outlets in which to build their brands. The challenge will be in keeping up with new social media outlets as they develop and then creatively and effectively putting them to use.

3. The Importance of Images Will Grow

Let’s face it, text-based content is great, but text-heavy content without some kind of visual component is not where the Internet is going. Just look at the popularity of infographics and you can see that people like their content broken up into quick and digestible graphic images. Many of the most popular social media outlets are now image-based, and while importance of text-based content will never go away, it doesn’t hurt to get visual when mapping out your next marketing campaign.

4. Keeping It Simple

Consumers are constantly bombarded with complicated information and advertisements that scream at them online. People are getting burned out on this “Look at Me!” approach to marketing and are yearning for more simple marketing messages. Customers in 2014 will be looking for services that uncomplicate their lives or simplify their online experiences.

5. Mobile Is A Must

According to Forbes, 87 percent of connected devices sales will be tablets and smartphones by 2017. It is pretty easy to make the connection that not providing your customers or potential customers a positive experience via a tablet or smartphone will only work to your detriment. Your competitors will adapt to this trend and so should you.

It is obvious that the Internet does not stay static — it is constantly evolving. It was not that long ago that social media didn’t hold much sway when in came to search engine rankings. Traditional inbound links ruled, but more and more, search engines are factoring in the number of social media shares when determining where a site ranks during a search.

SLS Consulting will continue to stay on top of the latest online trends so we can deliver the kind of service that will grow your business and keep you ahead of the curve. Call us or contact us online to see what we can do for you.

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