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Hosting Local Events To Get Leads and Improve Law Firm SEO

By SLS Consulting on March 15, 2024

An effective digital marketing strategy starts with a well-designed website that tells people who you are and what you can do to solve their problems. If your website is technically sound, informative, and pleasant to look at, it will attract visitors who are seeking your services in Google queries.

But your law firm isn’t just a website – your firm is made up of real people, and you’re a vibrant part of the local community. Everything you do to increase visibility and promote goodwill among your friends and neighbors will engender trust and enhance your brand.

When you have a well-integrated digital marketing strategy, you can use your website, social media channels, and other online resources to publicize local events and activities that you sponsor or take part in. And by improving your profile in the local community, the local activities you engage in will expand your digital footprint.An outdoor community event with multiple tables and tents. Read the rest »

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The Pros and Cons of OOH Billboard Advertising for Law Firms

By SLS Consulting on February 20, 2024

Recent changes in technology have dramatically increased advertising options for law firms. A well-coordinated digital marketing strategy provides several advantages, including the ability to connect with people in your area who are already seeking your services.

In today’s world, law firms that fail to adopt a digital marketing strategy are missing out on a vital source of new leads. But traditional marketing channels, like print, flyers, direct mail, and billboards still have their place. Depending on your goals, you may wish to use billboards as part of an integrated marketing strategy, especially if you are in a large market and you’re practicing in a competitive field, such as personal injury law.

It’s important to remember that billboards have some serious drawbacks–they’re costly, poorly targeted, and only allow you to convey a small amount of information. You’ll definitely want to consult with your digital marketing agency before investing in a billboard campaign.A cartoon purple billboard. Read the rest »

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