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Understanding User Intent To Increase Legal Website Traffic

By SLS Consulting on December 28, 2023

Digital marketing connects your law firm with people who are looking for your services. The most effective way to do this is by finding out which types of questions potential clients are asking in Google queries and then designing your marketing campaign to explicitly answer those questions.

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Law Firm “About Us” Pages 101

By SLS Consulting on March 30, 2023

When someone is looking for a lawyer, chances are they have a pretty big problem. Perhaps their daughter was harmed in an automobile collision, or their brother got arrested for domestic abuse. Or maybe their spouse suddenly moved out of the house, and they don’t know where to turn for help.

A potential client is probably feeling a great deal of pain and confusion and a sense that their world is coming apart. What they need most is to feel reassured. You want to convince them that you know how to make things better, and you’ve already helped a lot of people who were in a similar situation.

Your About Us page is probably the second most viewed page on your website after your Homepage. And it’s crucial for converting visitors into leads.faceless outlines of business professionals shaking hands against a purple background. Read the rest »

Building Effective Lawsuit Case Results Pages

By SLS Consulting on March 10, 2023

Choosing the right personal injury lawyer is a huge decision. For many accident victims, prevailing in a personal injury lawsuit is the only way to avoid severe financial hardship. That’s why it’s so important to convince potential clients that you have a successful track record in personal injury cases.

When used effectively, a Case Results page tells people that you have what it takes to win. But you’ll need to do a lot more than provide a list of big settlements. It’s important to format your Case Results page in a way that tells every client’s story.

People have a natural sense of fairness and a desire to see justice prevail. When you tell them what your client was up against and how you helped them secure their future, it’s very compelling.Browser search window modern magnifying glass browser webpage design. Read the rest »

Content Marketing: Don’t Stop at Keywords!

By SLS Consulting on January 10, 2023

People often equate SEO with keywords, and keywords are definitely an important ranking factor. Choosing the right keywords will help your website pages and blog entries achieve high rankings in search engine queries. But SEO has gotten a lot more sophisticated in recent years, and there are several additional strategies required to earn a strong page rank.

Keywords are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what SEO can do for you. And it’s important to remember that ranking at the top of Google searches shouldn’t be your ultimate goal. It’s more essential to have content that will generate leads.purple computer keyboard Read the rest »

Legal Blog Topics That Generate Leads

By SLS Consulting on September 25, 2022

In legal marketing, blog posts can assist your marketing strategy in several ways, but one goal should stand above all others – generating leads and converting them into new clients.

When someone is directed to one of your blog posts through an organic search, chances are they’re looking for a lawyer. They may have been in an accident or they could be facing criminal charges, and they’re trying to learn as much as possible so they can make the right decision.

An effective blog post will put the reader at ease by providing them with useful information. You want to establish authority and convince the reader that you understand their predicament and you know how to help. Ideally, the reader will leave their contact information or call the firm before they leave the website. Read the rest »

How to Best Use Client Reviews

By SLS Consulting on September 5, 2022

The success of your law firm ultimately depends on trust. And people are inclined to believe what other clients have to say about you. That’s why positive customer reviews are a powerful marketing tool for maintaining a strong reputation and attracting new clients.

It’s crucial to encourage satisfied clients to post reviews on Google, Yelp!, Facebook, and other third-party review sites. And negative reviews must be addressed right away to protect your reputation.

Positive customer reviews provide invaluable social proof that your firm is solving people’s problems and improving their lives. When you effectively curate positive reviews, they can be used across marketing channels, including:

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How to Begin Blogging for Your Bail Bond Agency

By SLS Consulting on April 19, 2021

Establishing your authority as an experienced bail bond agent in the search engine results pages (SERPs) requires a robust content-marketing strategy. A major part of this is blogging, which allows you to showcase your knowledge of the bail industry and the various resources available to clients in your area.

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Legal Content That Converts Is King (And Attorney Websites Are Graded Harder)

By SLS Consulting on July 6, 2020

Have you ever visited a great-looking website only to be disappointed in how bad the content was? More times than not, digital marketing firms focus on one or the other. It takes a lot of creativity, revisions, and testing to build a website that not only looks great but provides important information for the user. For law firms hoping to rank for high-value key terms and convert site visitors into clients, informative, easy-to-read content is just as important as the look and feel of your website.

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What Should Lawyers Blog About, and How Often Should They Post?

By SLS Consulting on June 22, 2020

This is probably one of the most commonly asked questions in the realm of attorney marketing. Unfortunately, a lot of the answers you may hear don’t necessarily consider the most critical factor in all of this – the user. Whereas “blawging” (law blogging) used to be all about improving your search placement, nowadays it’s all about the user, and effectively being able to convert that user into a potential customer or brand advocate.

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Word Count: How It All Adds Up

By SLS Consulting on October 26, 2018

Key takeaways:

  • Should you try to come up with a certain amount of words for your website content pages and blog articles? In general, no.
  • SLS Consulting has found that there are three factors for effective web writing: being informative, being accessible, and being concise.
  • The best advice for writing content is to write until you’ve said all you have to say about the subject, while not forgetting about your readers!

If you’re the kind of person who produces (or assigns) content for a website, there’s a tendency to write (or request) a minimum number of words for an assignment. But—is word count truly important in producing quality web content? Or is it, ultimately, counterproductive? Let’s take a look at this question.

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