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When someone is looking for a lawyer, chances are they have a pretty big problem. Perhaps their daughter was harmed in an automobile collision, or their brother got arrested for domestic abuse. Or maybe their spouse suddenly moved out of the house, and they don’t know where to turn for help.

A potential client is probably feeling a great deal of pain and confusion and a sense that their world is coming apart. What they need most is to feel reassured. You want to convince them that you know how to make things better, and you’ve already helped a lot of people who were in a similar situation.

Your About Us page is probably the second most viewed page on your website after your Homepage. And it’s crucial for converting visitors into leads.faceless outlines of business professionals shaking hands against a purple background.

When someone visits your About Us page, it’s essential to demonstrate that:

  • You’re trustworthy.
  • You know how to help.
  • You’re human.
  • You’re good at your job.
  • You truly care about your clients.

Tell Them Who You Are

An About Us page is not a CV. Potential clients expect you to have the right educational and professional experience, and this must be included in your About Us page. You also have to demonstrate that you’re a lot more than your credentials.

It’s important to use a professional tone, but you still want to be approachable. And don’t use unnecessary legal jargon that makes you sound stuffy and arrogant.

Instead of using unconvincing words like “passionate,” “innovative,” “dedicated,” and “client-focused,” tell your story in a way that generates warmth. This may include talking about an event in your life that led you to become an attorney or relating how you felt when a client expressed gratitude for the way you helped them.

When visitors get to know you better as a person, they’ll be more likely to let their guard down and open up to your message. It helps to tell them a little bit about yourself and what makes you tick. To the extent you feel comfortable, you may want to reveal the following types of details about yourself:

  • Hobbies and activities
  • Family
  • Pets
  • Passions
  • Volunteer work
  • Commitment to the local community

Tell Them How You’ll Solve Their Problem

Visitors want to know what separates you from all the other attorneys in your field. In other words, show them you know how to win.

The following types of information will demonstrate that you are a successful attorney who’s respected in your field:

  • Badges from rating agencies like Avvo and Super Lawyers
  • Media exposure
  • Testimonials
  • Client reviews
  • Recent settlements
  • Winning verdicts
  • Professional history
  • Awards and honors
  • Publications
  • Membership in professional associations

You can also link out to dedicated pages featuring reviews, accolades, case results, and other success stories.

How Your Page Should Look

If you’re a small firm, you may want to feature all your attorneys on your About Us page. Or you could highlight your founder(s) and provide links to pages that feature individual attorneys at your firm. Larger firms may want to have extra pages for partners and associates.

Photos of team members should have a professional look. Your marketer can advise you about the best dimensions, lighting, and color schemes to make headshots and staff photos stand out.

A solid wall of text can be intimidating and uninviting. That’s why you’ll want to have a nice mix of words, images, bullet lists, white space, and headlines on your About Us page.

Short sentences without too many commas and short paragraphs will make the writing more accessible and easier to read. People don’t have all day to read your website, and you want to get to the point as quickly as possible.

The main function of your website is to convert visitors into leads. You can achieve this by adding strategically placed:

Does Your Website Get You Leads?

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