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Pasadena Legal Marketing FrimHaving a blog that you consistently publish on is a key part of online marketing, with your site continually creating new content associated with your company. While there are many more aspects of a strong online presence, having a successful and high quality blog is a definite help.

But if you have been writing for your company’s blog for an extended period of time, you may find that you are starting to repeat yourself. Obviously, this is not good for reader retention or search engine rankings. But what can you do about it?

First, take the time to go over your previous blog entries. All of them, if possible. It may seem tedious and time-consuming, but it is vital that you set aside time to completely understand where your blog has been and where it has not. Getting a better look at your blog’s content will illustrate any over-reliance on a subject or the neglect of any area of your company.

Second, create a list of subjects that you should write more on, those that should be covered less, and any that you should stop writing on completely. Having a tangible examination of your blog will help you better grasp your strengths and weaknesses as a site and will help keep your writing in line.

Third, come up with a set list of topics for blogs, not just general areas of your company that you want to touch on, but specific central ideas for each blog post. It can be tempting to push off coming up with a blog topic until the moment you have to read it, especially when other responsibilities take up time during the week. However, having an idea of what you will be writing about will help you be better prepared for the blog and will help you better fit it into the blog as a whole. Rather than scrambling to write a blog and choosing a topic that you have covered time and time again, having set up the focus previously will help prevent repetition.

Finally, be flexible with your writing. You may want to always stick to the plan in order to eliminate stress, but sometimes breaking news, changes in the company, or the desires of consumers can call for a change. Should a relevant and timely topic arise that you should write on, do not wait. The closer in time that a blog is published, the better it will connect with readers. Think of your plan as a helpful guide that makes blog writing easier, not a rigid schedule to which you are chained.

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