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SEO is a complicated industry, with as many tools to measure performance as there are experts on the subject. Every SEO company will differ on which tools are best. Some of the most prominent ways of measuring the success of your SEO are link strength (domain authority), rankings, and keyword density. While these and many other metrics can play a role in measuring SEO, we have found that the most important metric is leads.

Keep an Eye on Your Fishing Line

If you (or your marketing team) are watching leads, you can tell how your website is actually performing. A good tracking system means the difference between guessing if the website is bringing you leads and knowing the website has generated leads. Furthermore, effective lead tracking means you have the ability to make informed decisions about your internet marketing strategy and can collaborate with your marketing team to help the website perform better.

To effectively measure website performance, we recommend:

  1. Dynamic call tracking for the website
  2. Tracking number for Google My Business
  3. Google Analytics goals
  4. Form submission tracking
  5. PPC tracking number(s)

If you are running – or are planning to run – a strong SEO campaign, look into a good call tracking system. We highly recommend CallRail and have used it in our campaigns to give a granular look at how leads are entering the website. You may be surprised to see which pages are bringing the most contacts.

The more varied your campaigns, the more important it is to manage lead attribution. When you are allocating your budget, you will want to know what content, campaigns, and marketing channels are bringing in the most return on your investment. Good SEO is not about throwing money and content at the wall and seeing what sticks. Instead, you will want to refine your strategies over time and determine where you should focus your efforts. To do that, you will need to keep an eye on where your leads are coming from.

But just because a particular campaign is bringing in a lot of leads, does not mean they are always good or strong. You may find yourself getting cases that are out of your practice area, from other counties you do not practice law in, or that are low-value. To combat these issues – and get the cases you want – you will want to look at your analytics and leads to determine where these leads are coming in from and how they can be improved.

Remember, metrics mean nothing if they are not tied to conversions.

But devoting a large amount of time to your marketing strategy while also practicing law can be a daunting endeavor. That is where SLS Consulting, Inc. comes. We are experts at building legal marketing strategies for law firms across the country and have extensive experience setting up lead tracking systems and adjusting campaigns based on your firm’s metrics. If you want to start building your caseload and build a strong SEO strategy, contact our office at (323) 254-1510.

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