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As summer heats up in sunny Southern California, we predicted that Google’s permutations would cool down heading into June. Were we right? It’s time for the MozCast wrap-up for June!

Remember, MozCast puts together 1,000 select keywords that help track when Google tweaks its algorithm. Every day on Twitter, Moz reports the temperature and outlook based on how well these keywords perform, and we bring that information straight to you, with our analysis, in this monthly blog installment. The higher the temperature, the more likely it is that changes are taking place behind the scenes at the Googleplex in Mountain View, California. The closer it is to 70°, the less your search rankings should fluctuate. Let’s dive in.

How “hot” was it in June 2018, according to MozCast?

The average temperature for June was 87.53°, actually 2 degrees higher than May. The reason for the slightly higher temperature is because June didn’t see any cloudy days, while May did. May had a larger range of weather, but June was at least consistent. Looking at the MozCast, we’ve noticed a pattern of storms around the middle of the month, which was also true for May and sultry April. Could it be that Google consistently updates some aspect of its Hummingbird every month at the same time? We can’t know for sure, but if your ratings move around in the middle of the month, don’t be alarmed. As you can see from the data, Google almost always lets off the accelerator a bit by the end of the month.

June 1 – 82° rainy
June 2 – 83° rainy
June 3 – 81° rainy
June 4 – 85° rainy
June 5 – 85° rainy
June 6 – 87° rainy
June 7 – 95° stormy
June 8 – 95° stormy
June 9 – 90° stormy
June 10 – 88° rainy
June 11 – 88° rainy
June 12 – 87° rainy
June 13 – 92° stormy
June 14 – 92° stormy
June 15 – 99° stormy
June 16 – 94° stormy
June 17 – 81° rainy
June 18 – 84° rainy
June 18 – 85° rainy
June 20 – 98° stormy
June 21 – 85° rainy
June 22 – 81° rainy
June 23 – 81° rainy
June 24 – 80° rainy
June 25 – 83° rainy
June 26 – 83° rainy
June 27 – 85° rainy
June 28 – 103° stormy
June 29 – 88° rainy
June 30 – 86° rainy

Storm index: 9 days
Storm index change from May: +1 days

Though we didn’t see any cloudy days this month, we did only see one day over 100, a 103° June 28th. That’s an improvement in itself. Overall, June showed more consistency between days, even though it’s clear that changes were still taking place in the SERPs.

How “grumpy” was Google in June 2018, according to AccuRanker?

The AccuRanker Grump was a lot angrier than we anticipated. Instead of calming down and becoming cautiously optimistic, the Grump showed algorithmic changes were taking place, especially in the middle of the month. He was 7 days more furious in June than he was in May, which makes our predictions of a cool, laid-back June look moot. We thought the Grump would be relaxing by the pool in perfect Moz weather, smiling his Mona Lisa smile. But though he did relax into grumpy at the end of June, that’s not quite what we were aiming for. It remains to be seen what July will bring.

Days of fury: 15
Change of fury since May: +7

How “high” did Google SERPs bounce around June 2018, according to Algoroo?

They didn’t! Algoroo was the only Google algorithm watcher that didn’t seem alarmed by June. There was absolutely no yellow “high roo” showing more volatility in the SERPs. In fact, Algoroo recorded a day of record no-activity on June 8th—only .2 in DailyRoo! However, it did show steady changes being made at the end of the month, which means we should expect to see the same in the beginning of July.

Days of high roo: 0
High roo change index since May: -1

Conclusion: July may heat back up

For June, none of the Google-watchers agreed. Moz showed steady fluctuations leading up to the middle of the month, and generally, so did AccuRanker; but Algoroo showed a serious drop in activity between June 8 and June 11, which none of the others detected. They all seemed to agree, however, that smaller but steady changes were made through the “tail” end of the month, which may mean that July will have some “hot stuff” in the way of updates. June was a mixed bag, so we can’t wait to see what July will bring.

Regardless of what’s happening behind the software scenes, remember to focus your website on the basics: high-quality content, accurate links and metas, responsive and intuitive page layout, and lots of feedback from satisfied clients. Google is continually working to make its rankings reflect the most user-friendly options for searcher, so if you push your website to make it as user-friendly as possible, you’re ahead of the game!

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