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Whether you are writing a blog, sending out a newsletter, or tweeting out a new award, how you craft your voice and words can determine how your reader views you and your firm. While each platform and medium can have its own style and goals, your social media posts will rely heavily on consistency. Having widely different tones across several posts can make it seem like each post is by a different writer, thus giving your account an identity crisis. But if you decide on a tone beforehand and are selective about how you post – from the words you use to the topics – you can improve engagement across each platform.

Deciding on an Approach

Your first step is deciding how you want to connect with your audience. Will your audience relate more to a professional and factual tone of voice? Or is it better to be casual and humanize yourself to your audience? Do you want to present the same jovial and engaging tone as you show in your office or do you want your audience to learn how you present yourself in a courtroom?

Settling on a specific style and voice can give your account direction and set the stage for future posts. Remember, you can never predict when a new user is going to encounter your Facebook page or Twitter. Having a consistent tone will give your audience a sense of familiarity with any new post and avoid any confusion down the line. That does not mean that if you have a very professional style that you cannot crack a joke here and there, but you should probably avoid becoming a meme account.

Also keep in mind the tone can differ according to what social platform you are posting to, as each serves a different demographic. Your Facebook page will be key for your local audience and community, allowing you to respond more quickly to events in your city or county. Your firm’s Twitter, however, can either be more global, allowing you to speak on larger cases and events in the world, or professionally focused on engaging with other lawyers, firms, and agencies. There are even attorneys who have grown large followings on Tik-Tok doing everything from silly but informative legal dance videos to humorous skits about trial etiquette to guides on how to start a slip and fall claim.

Whichever platform you choose to market your firm on, you should always keep in mind how you want to present yourself. But sometimes it can be difficult to determine your firm’s tone and voice from the inside. That is where client testimonials come in handy. Previous clients may have described your approach as professional, informative, compassionate, or all of the above. Taking into account your reviews could give you a great place to start when crafting your tone.

Beyond client reviews, you can also contact the social media team at SLS Consulting, Inc. We have extensive experience expanding our clients’ followings on social media and helping them develop a consistent and strong voice for their audiences. If you want to speak to a social media expert about your law firm’s marketing strategies, give us a call at (323) 254-1510.

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