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Social Media Overload, Fear of Missing Out, and Your Online Marketing Campaign

By SLS Consulting on July 22, 2013

The ever-present nature of social media has gone from an unexpected development to an accepted aspect of life in only a few years. With more social media platforms than ever and greater ease of access due to mobile devices, it can be hard to escape the clutches of social media. And whether you work in the field of social media marketing or are simply one of its many casual participants, you may be feeling burned out.

According to a report by Mashable, people are visiting social media sites more than ever, but are also experiencing more anxiety and having thoughts of putting a pause on their online activity. With so many companies investing their time and effort, as well as hopes, into social media presence, it is vital that you understand where online users currently sit in both their actions and mental state.

On the Edge of Burning Out

Results from Mashable’s poll indicate that 51% of people are social networking more now than they were two years ago, with 27% checking their social media sites as soon as they wake up. Additionally, users manage an average of 3.1 email addresses, an increase from 2.6 in 2012, an indication of higher and more varied site usage. A total of 42% have multiple social networking accounts, although 61% of 18 to 34-year-olds having multiple accounts.

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