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A first impression can be the start of a strong relationship – and for bail bond agents, starting off on the right foot is paramount to landing new clients.

Nowadays, most major life decisions are made after people have researched them online, and your agency’s homepage is where most new clients will first encounter you. When a user finds your site, you need to make a strong first impression to capture the user’s attention and convince them to reach out to you. To reach those clients who need your help the most, your agency should take a hard look at how your homepage can be improved.

Hit Them Hard and Fast

When users land on a webpage, the first thing they see should immediately engage with them. From a web-design perspective, this means optimizing the top space of a screen, referred to as “above the fold.” The border of the fold may shift slightly based on whether someone is using a mobile device or desktop, but the same approach should be applied. The area above the fold should highlight your bail bond agency’s brand, strengths, and capabilities. From one glance, users should begin to trust you and be interested in learning more about your agency.

While this may seem like an impossible task, there are several ways to optimize the area above the fold to capture your users’ attentions. Adding the agency’s name, phone number, agent availability (do you offer 24/7 support?), slogan, successes, and contact form are all a great start. Users should have an easy time learning what your bail bond agency offers and why you are distinct from your competition.

This area above the fold should also never be cluttered, optimizing the user experience by making the content easy to navigate. A short but catchy slogan, easy-to-find CTAs and contact information, and clever design can boost your homepage’s conversion rate.

Guide Them Through Your Content

Your homepage should have a sleek design throughout the page. Every detail of your branding, from your font to your logo to your colors, should remain consistent as the user scrolls down. This can help guide users through your homepage and make it easier for them to navigate to other pages.

As users move through your homepage’s content, they should feel like they are organically learning more and more about your agency. The lower parts of your homepage can expand upon the information you offer above the fold – your agency’s brand identity, client testimonials, what types of cases you specialize in, and more.

Show Your Human Side

Bail bond agencies live (and die) based on their relationships with their clients. Agents that come off as cold and dismissive do not last long, while agents who can personally connect with clients will see a higher return on their investments. New clients want to know that their bail is being handled by a human being – not a faceless agency.

To show this, you need to put a human face to your agency. Sharing professional photos of your agency’s team on the homepage can help future clients better connect with your firm. When compared to faceless, dry competitors, a photo of your agency can make all the difference.

Don’t Be Afraid to Brag

Whether you have years of experience in the industry, have received awards from esteemed organizations, or have excellent client ratings, your homepage is your chance to show off your agency’s successes. Clients need to know that you have the skills to handle their cases and guide them through the bail process. The simplest way to achieve this is by sharing your agency’s successes above the fold and in a short section lower on your homepage.

Give Your Home a Second Look

For more than 20 years, SLS Consulting, Inc., has built custom websites to help our clients engage with users and retain new leads. We know just how competitive the bail bond industry is and what it takes to be successful. If you sit down with our team of bail bond agency marketers, we can guide you through the process of optimizing your homepage – as well as the rest of your website – to stand out from the crowd. To get started on building your case load, call SLS Consulting, Inc., at (323) 254-1510 or toll-free at (877) 248-3529 for a free case evaluation.

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