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They Didn’t Let Him Shine. We Did.

jD Law Criminal Defense Attorneys had been with another marketing company for ten years… but somehow made no progress in the Vista or San Diego rankings. This criminal defense firm with a state-board-certified expert was only getting referrals, and didn’t sign any cases from the Internet. In fact, jD Law Criminal Defense Attorneys was being outranked by other lawyers they’d referred to that marketing company! When he contacted us, founding attorney James Dicks said his current site did not line up with his goals—in fact, it looked “abysmal.” We knew that San Diego is one of the toughest legal markets known to man, but we were up for the challenge. We got them ranking for key terms in their desired markets of North County and Vista, and you’d better believe jD Law Criminal Defense Attorneys now gets cases from the Internet!


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The Challenge

jD Law Criminal Defense Attorneys' old marketing company had tried changing the website’s domain name multiple times to improve its rankings, and made mini-sites —an old strategy that has fallen out of favor with Google. They didn’t promote the fact that James Dicks is a CA State Board-Certified criminal defense lawyer and former narcotics investigator for the Los Angeles Police Department—a huge selling point.

Our Execution

When we took over, we combined the firm’s two sites, re-optimized them for Vista, and then went to work on the local listings, cleaning up the name and focusing the firm’s presence in Vista. For the first time, jD Law Criminal Defense Attorneys started ranking in Vista. In fact, from June 2017 when the firm signed with us to June 2018, after we redesigned the site and updated the SEO, there has been a 315% increase in new visitors to the website! jD Law Criminal Defense Attorneys is signing plenty of cases from the Internet because the firm now ranks for key terms in their target market, even landing in the coveted #1 spot of Google for some of them! jD Law Criminal Defense Attorneys has hired more attorneys and is unveiling a new marketing campaign, thanks in part to our hard work. Because we at SLS allocate time and resources to our clients, we get results.

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Website Design

Our redesign goal for jD Law Criminal Defense Attorneys was to showcase their strong credentials. As a former LAPD detective who took more than two dozen DUI courses and counting, James Dicks has plenty to brag about. We displayed the firm’s badges, certifications, and other awards front and center. We also put his contact form above the fold, knowing that clients who are accused of a crime need to take action right away.

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