Once visitors land on your website, the content will keep them there. It’s important to speak to your potential clients as if you were sitting down with them in a meeting—because your web content is the first impression. We highlight your firm’s voice to ensure that your real life tone syncs up with your online persona. We work with you to ensure we’re featuring the most important information your potential clients need to know before sitting down with your firm for a consultation. Crafted to speak to your ideal clients, our writing is factual, sensitive, and interesting to layman readers.


People who find your website have usually had something bad happen to them. They need to hear from someone who knows exactly what they are going through, and we work with your firm to give this voice of comfort and reason to them. We research all applicable state and federal laws and use them in our written content. We brand your practice area pages, case results, blog posts, and more in a consistent style. We choose targeted topics to showcase the firm’s unique voice and values, ultimately assuring potential clients into reaching out for the expert help they’re looking for.

One Happy Client

Mark Breyer

Mark Breyer
Founding Partner

SLS has delivered as promised. We are finally climbing our way up the search engines and the people who need us are beginning to have the opportunity to view our website and see what we believe The Husband & Wife Law Team has to offer. Funny how it took me getting to the first page of Google to suddenly receive so many calls to deliver what no one could deliver before Susan Ziegler.

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Our Process


Before Pen Meets Paper

In many ways, the prewriting stage is the most important phase of an assignment. We begin by thoroughly researching our topic, using multiple, reliable sources. Next, we consider our audience, and find a voice that will engage them, speak their language. Finally, we muse on our subject. What is our seed idea, our starting point? How can we make this content unique? At SLS, we pride ourselves on not using a cookie-cutter approach to writing.


Pen Meets Paper

Like any good story, a page of effective content has a calculated arc. While we don’t use templates at SLS, there are definite points we touch on in all our content. First, we draw our readers in and engage them. Next, we inform them; tell them what they need to know in their particular situation. We explain why they need the representation of a qualified attorney, and what that attorney can do for them. Finally, we call the readers to action. We urge them to pick up the phone and call you.


It’s Not Over Yet

Any writer will tell you that a first draft is just that: a first draft. It can always be improved. This third stage in our writing process is when we refine and edit what we've written. We ask ourselves, were we clear and concise? Did we hit all the points we intended to hit? Did we give the readers all the information they needed? And finally, did we sell it…will this get them to pick up the phone?


Another Set of Eyes

It’s very important to have an editor and proofreader--another set of eyes--to look over your work when it’s done. And it’s not just for spelling, grammar, and punctuation; it’s to make sure the writer got their point across. Writing is generally a solitary endeavor, and it’s not unheard of for a writer to get tunnel vision while they’re working. This is why all SLS content is examined by a copyeditor before it’s sent to the client for final approval.

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