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Legal Internet Marketing is completely unique from any other industry. While “marketing” covers a large scope of industries, legal marketing is one of the most competitive, but also the most lucrative.

At SLS Consulting, Inc., we have been marketing lawyers and law firms for over two decades. Our Founder Susan L. Ziegler has been working with lawyers and law firms her entire career, and marketing them for over 30 years. She is still involved in all of our clients’ marketing plans and available for you to speak to at any time.

Over the years, the online landscape for lawyers has changed dramatically. We know because we have been a part of this business since its infancy. Gone are the days when you could just have a good website and you would rank on the first page. The competition is fierce, not only from other law firms, but also from directories like Findlaw, Justia, AVVO, and others.

What is Legal Internet Marketing and Why Do You Need It?

The term “Legal Internet Marketing” encompasses a wide range of things that all work together to give you a robust presence online – making you more visible to potential clients – and includes:

… and many other pieces of the puzzle that make up a successful Internet marketing campaign.

Even though it isn’t rocket science, it does take knowledge, time, and consistent effort to have a robust campaign for your law firm that works and produces a great ROI.

Having a powerful online legal presence has been non-negotiable for some time – do not wait to catch up. SLS Consulting, Inc. has the experience, wisdom and marketing savvy to raise your brand awareness, drive traffic to your website, and convert visitors into clients for your firm.

What's Your Strategy?

We all want the same thing… to WIN!!! To accomplish that online, you need a partner who has the knowledge and tenacity to make you number one!

At SLS Consulting, Inc., we take a client-driven approach that thoroughly examines all of the pertinent factors surrounding your law firm, your competition, and your geographic market and then we build a custom package to help you achieve your goals – winning!!!

We not only establish and implement a customized marketing plan for your practice, where ever you may be, we are constantly measuring, analyzing, and updating it in order to keep you ahead of the curve. Our team of professional SEO specialists, content managers, and graphic designers are always finding new ways to optimize your message and take it a step further in the rankings. Because what works today may not tomorrow, and you need an agency that can recognize the difference and take decisive action when needed.

To discover how SLS Consulting, Inc. can take your marketing goals to new heights and beyond, contact us today!

One Happy Client

Mark Breyer

Mark Breyer
Founding Partner

SLS has delivered as promised. We are finally climbing our way up the search engines and the people who need us are beginning to have the opportunity to view our website and see what we believe The Husband and Wife Law Team has to offer. Funny how it took me getting to the first page of Google to suddenly receive so many calls to deliver what no one could deliver before Susan Ziegler.

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