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bar graph Law firm marketing goes beyond completing the list of "Things to Do" (i.e. custom website design, link building, blogging, social networking management, etc). You always have to keep an eye on your competition and think about how you can improve what you currently have and make what you're currently doing as effective as possible. Even if you utilize competitive analysis and decide to keep your plan the same, you are still benefiting through this level of evaluation and comparison in that you may realize something new you'd like to try and test at a later time.

More isn't always better in attorney Internet marketing, but being intentional is. The SEO company of SLS Consulting, Inc. analyzes our clients' website performance, visitors, and rankings, as well as other aspects of our clients' online presence, and examines what the competition is doing. We're never out to get anybody, but instead prioritize a marketing plan based on strategy to get desired results and surpass the expectations of our clients.

Staying Aware and In Touch

By checking out how your competition is branding and advertising themselves, you can get a sense of what they value in marketing and who they think their target audience is. It's possible you may have missed a recent development in your field or the Internet marketing industry as a whole, so evaluating your competition's marketing and ranking is something that's good to get in the habit of doing.

But be forewarned! Your competition doesn't dictate what you do and it's easy to turn to the dark side…don't let this become an obsession. In many cases, competitive analysis is another way to validate what you're doing, so you're not always searching for something that you should be doing differently.

At SLS Consulting, Inc., we offer both client development and reputation management for lawyers, lending our clients services based on ethics and efficiency. Some tools we utilize for law firm competitive analysis include Google Analytics and keyword position reports. Working as a team, we discuss the why's and how's of search engine rankings and stay on top of the latest algorithm updates and Internet advancements.

Looking at Both Strengths and Weaknesses

Acknowledging the strengths of your web properties and Internet marketing efforts is much more enjoyable than identifying any weaknesses; however, there is always room for improvement. It's also important to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. Being on the offensive and defensive in attorney marketing is a part of competitive analysis; you're prepared to combat a potential threat or take charge when an opportunity presents itself.

Competitive analysis prevents your marketing from going stale - making proper adjustments can go a long way in your online success and getting more clients. It's not unheard of for target audiences to evolve or expand, meaning that no matter how many years you've practiced law, you have to stay in touch with who your clients are and what solutions they expect you to provide.

Web Marketing for Law Firms

The legal Internet marketing staff led by Susan L. Ziegler at SLS Consulting, Inc. takes great pride in our work. Our dedication to our clients' success is reflective of our passion for what we do. Competitive analysis is an important piece of the puzzle and we keep it consistent and balanced with all of the other aspects of marketing. For a free growth assessment and to find out more about the difference we can make for your online presence, please call (323) 254-1510.

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