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two people shaking hands As a legal internet marketing company, SLS Consulting, Inc. is composed of professionals with extensive experience in search engine optimization (SEO), website design, social networking, keyword analysis, and content development. Although we do partner with law firms throughout the country in their marketing efforts, as our name suggests, we also offer outside consulting.

Depending on your resources and goals, a consulting package with SLS may be more fitting than a marketing plan package. Susan L. Ziegler has provided both consulting and marketing for attorneys since 1999, lending her clients unparalleled and unique knowledge for obtaining high search engine results and getting more clients. Alongside Susan’s expertise and leadership, you gain access to talented social media marketers, web designers, and SEOs. To discuss your firm’s goals and how SLS Consulting, Inc., can help you reach them, call us at (323) 254-1510 for a free case evaluation.

The Advantages of a Consulting Plan

Launching a full-scale marketing campaign for your law firm is a massive endeavor. You may not be sure where to begin, what markets you want to reach, the direction you want your firm to go in. Or, perhaps you are satisfied with your current efforts and simply require a second opinion. In any case, consulting with an experienced legal internet marketing agency is a good way to understand where your firm currently stands and how you can move it forward.

With SLS Consulting, Inc., clients can trust in years of experience, knowledge, and skills. We will look into the state of your website, your SEO, your social media accounts, and your general standing in search results to help you better see your firm’s strengths. Instead of spending days upon days researching marketing strategies, best practices, and case studies, let SLS do the heavy lifting of getting your firm’s name out there. When we consult with a client, we provide:

  • Practical know-how and management tips for attorneys
  • Tried and tested marketing strategies and techniques
  • Guidance during marketing campaign development and organization
  • A dedicated team of marketing experts
  • Training with marketing software
  • Reliable communication on all projects, campaigns, and initiatives
  • Access to more than 20 years of marketing knowledge
  • Expert opinions on campaigns, branding, and SEO strategies

Being the Eyes in the Back of Your Head

Building out a legal internet marketing campaign requires an in-depth knowledge of the digital landscape. While your firm may specialize in certain case types, our agency specializes in navigating the legal webspace. We leverage your experience as an attorney with our marketing capabilities to grow your case load and build your reputation, so clients who need you can find you.

A major part of marketing a law firm is understanding how the digital landscape will change. From algorithm updates to new laws, every year brings new challenges for attorneys looking to market their services to clients online. Getting ahead of these changes and adapting where your competitors stumble is difficult to do without years of experience in digital marketing.

This is where SLS Consulting, Inc., can be a great boon to your law firm. With more than 20 years of experience and a dedicated team of marketers, we can provide the in-depth knowledge to help you get ahead of the pack. Every member of our team, from Susan to our social media marketers, keeps up-to-date on all the latest changes affecting legal marketing. If one member finds a link-building opportunity, a clever idea, or a personalized social media campaign, we are not afraid to bring it before our clients and do the necessary hard work with it to land them new leads.

All Hands on Deck

When you bring SLS in to consult on your marketing efforts, you gain direct access to our leader and founder, Susan L. Ziegler, and her wealth of knowledge. She provides one-on-one consultations with firms that need to grow in a competitive market.

Building trust with clients is an essential part of how Susan gets to fully understand how to help law firms expand and develop their desired client base. As an SEO consultant who isn’t afraid to tell it like it is, Susan is also diplomatic and puts the best interests of her clients first. Through feedback and plan suggestions, Susan’s lawyer consulting is flexible, but stern, in that she will not lead her clients astray or let them make mistakes that could jeopardize their success. With that being said, Susan respects her clients’ wishes and isn’t in the business of telling them what to do – not all of the time, at least!

But for our clients, a consulting plan goes beyond just one person. While you can always trust Susan to provide detailed answers to your questions, she is also supported by an experienced marketing team with their own skills and specializations. With our full team at your back, you can trust that any campaign, strategy, or technique has been thoroughly researched and tested before your firm utilizes it.

Take Charge of Your Online Success

If you want to be in more control of your internet marketing, a consulting plan with SLS Consulting, Inc., may be the best step for you. Susan will help guide you through the battlefield of internet marketing and prepare you and your marketing team to make the most out of your firm’s campaign. We do not accept shortcuts or quick fixes, only tried-and-tested strategies that will help your firm grow in the long run.

For a free growth assessment and to find out more about whether our lawyer Internet consulting services are right for you, please call (323) 254-1510 today.

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