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While the face and pace of legal marketing has seen tremendous change over the past decade, one thing remains the same: when someone encounters immediate and unavoidable legal action, they need to find honest representation – and fast. In an ever-increasing mobile world that means using a smart phone, laptop or home computer to find and contact the right attorney as soon as possible. But if your website is severely lacking, your ranking has slipped or you simply do not have an online presence, how will potential clients reach you? Let SLS Consulting help you answer that question.

At SLS, we have witnessed the emergence and steady growth of online marketing for lawyers since the earliest days of the Internet. We've seen the trends, felt the shifts and moved ahead with each new demand that search engines place on our clients. Having a powerful online legal presence has been non-negotiable for some time – do not wait to catch up. SLS Consulting has the experience, wisdom and marketing savvy to raise your brand awareness and convert potential clients into paying customers.

What's Your Strategy?

Undoubtedly, everyone who markets their business online wants the same thing – higher rankings, more conversions per click and a respectable web-presence that will make their competition envious. To accomplish this in an efficient and lasting manner, you'll need a plan that takes into consideration every nuance of your current strategy, your projected goals and your firm's overall message. You'll also need a partner to implement said plan – one who fully grasps the market, can help clarify your vision, maximize your online brand, and capture your target audience in the most effective way possible – while staying within the boundaries of ethical online behavior.

In this case, practice certainly makes perfect – for over 15 years, SLS Consulting has been helping attorneys across the United States establish solid web-placement with a comprehensive and by-the-books technique that few other agencies can boast. We take a client-driven approach that thoroughly examines all of the pertinent factors surrounding your business, and more, then build a custom package to fit your every need. Within each of the following categories, SLS Consulting provides the kind of thorough and creative insight you'll need to find online success.

  • Website Design
  • Blog Design
  • Brand Development
  • Content Development
  • Lead Generation
  • Link Building
  • Local Listings
  • Mobile Website Creation
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Management
  • Video Development
  • Consistent and Proficient

In order for your firm to stay noticed, it is not enough to set it and forget it. Successful legal marketing necessitates a steady vigilance with your site and keen eye to evolving trends going on throughout the web. Think of it as the closing statement that never closes – you are forever honing your message for the online jury. That is where SLS Consulting comes in.

We not only establish and implement a customized marketing plan for your practice, where ever you may be, we are constantly measuring, analyzing and updating it in order to keep you ahead of the other attorney's curve. Our team of professional SEO specialists, content managers, and graphic designers are always finding new ways to optimize your message and take it a step further in the rankings. Because what works today may not tomorrow – and you need an agency that can recognize the difference and take decisive action when needed.

To discover how SLS Consulting can take your marketing goals to new heights and beyond, contact us today!

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