Social Media

Are you on Facebook?
Do you know how to Tweet?
Have you ever uploaded a video to YouTube?

If you answered yes, you're on the right path. If you answered no, it's important to understand that social media isn't just for college students anymore. For businesses, social media shouldn't be disregarded. With an active, well thought-out social media presence, you will not only establish your brand as an authority in its respective field, but you'll impact other facets of your marketing efforts as well.

Branding through Social Media

From a marketing standpoint, social media is all about branding. While many people associate social media with photos, games, and tweets, it's important for businesses to remember that social media presents an excellent opportunity to brand your image. How do you brand your image? You do so by establishing yourself as an authority in your respective field or business.

If you're a lawyer, use social media to take the opportunity to show your audience what you know, that you understand the way the law works, and that you should be considered a credible source of viable legal information. Become an authority, and people will definitely take notice.

Content Worth Sharing

For businesses, social media is all about creating content that your audience can benefit from. Whether that content involves workout tips, nutrition facts, or consumer news, it should always provide your audience with something of value. Valuable content is shareable content, and shared content in the world of social media will expand your audience, inevitably leading to an increase in fan engagement. Greater fan engagement will elicit a greater sense of urgency to associate with your social media profiles, which may lead to an increase in likes and followers.

Search Engines Value Authority

As far as social media sites are concerned, pages with an active fan base are authoritative. However, pages with an active fan base and a higher number of fans are considered even more authoritative. Being perceived as an authority in your respective field will not only aid you in expanding your social media presence, but it will also influence search engines to pay more attention to your website, which could have a positive impact on your search and page rankings.

Most search engines these days take into account your brand's social signal to help determine where your website should rank within search results, so having a strong presence on social media isn't just a good idea as far as branding your company is concerned; a strong presence will also help improve your positioning within search.

What Social Media Sites You Need to Be On

To ensure that your brand reaps the benefits of a strong social signal, be sure to create a presence on, at the very least, Facebook and Google+. While it's beneficial to have a presence on other social media sites as well, Facebook and Google+ are the major players whom you should give some attention to at the moment. A strong presence on these two sites will give you social credibility, and will help solidify your brand as an authority in both its respective field of business, as well as within search results.

Where to Start

As a good rule of thumb, you should maintain a social media presence on as many sites as you're able to actively participate on. Remember though, not every type of social media site is cut out for every type of business, so check out where your competitors are and follow their lead, if you need a little guidance. Or, to learn more about how social media can benefit your online marketing strategy, contact SLS Consulting. We'll explain what's best given your industry.

Additional Social Media Information

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