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facebook logo In these technologically advancing times, the fact is that if a law firm wants to be successful and grow their business, then they must establish a strong and positive online presence. Many people base their decisions, both big and small, on the information they find on the Internet, and so it is important to have that information available. This not only means having a well-designed website with relevant content, but also being active on social media. Being social is a key component in reaching your target audience and one of the most important social networks for this interaction is Facebook.

All Hail Facebook!

At SLS Consulting, Inc., our mission is to help law firms maximize their Internet marketing potential; and a key factor of a successful legal Internet marketing campaign is a strong social media presence; AND, to achieve that, a law firm must be on Facebook.

With over one billion users, Facebook is the most prominent social network today. People use Facebook not only to connect with other people, but to get information on various brands and businesses, as well as connect with those businesses. People can find information on your website, but Facebook offers potential clients more convenient access to your firm on a more casual and personal level. The more interaction you have with your target audience, the greater the possibility of conversion.

How Facebook Can Benefit Your Law Firm

Facebook offers many opportunities for law firms to connect with their target audience and solidify their online presence and reputation, if used correctly (and in keeping with its terms of use). It may be used to:

  • Announce community projects;
  • Announce news, such as the launch of a new mobile website, latest case results, or an attorney’s most recent inclusion in SuperLawyers®;
  • Hold contests;
  • Share interesting and relevant links (to articles/stories), photos and/or videos (interesting and relevant to your target audience);
  • Provide commentary on relevant topics through Notes (where you can link back to your website);
  • And much more.

Being active on Facebook can not only provide you a platform to direct links to your website and/or other social media accounts, but also brings you closer to your target audience on a personal level. Regularly updating your Facebook status, engaging in online discussions, and keeping the content relevant to your audience can give your law firm the authenticity that clients are looking for. By utilizing the tools available to you, and not overdoing it, you can build a dedicated following just from Facebook. When used in conjunction with other major social media sites, such as Twitter and LinkedIn, Facebook can give your law firm the edge it needs to overcome the competition.

Implementing an Enduring Online Presence

The legal Internet marketing team led by Susan L. Ziegler at SLS Consulting, Inc. recognizes the importance of social media, and Facebook in particular, as an essential piece of a long-lasting Internet marketing campaign. To learn more about how social networking can take your marketing campaign to the next level, contact us today at (323) 254-1510.

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