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indoor videoshoot with lawyers and staff Today's internet is a very visual place. While content is certainly a staple of any successful internet marketing campaign, video is quickly becoming nearly as important. From a marketing standpoint, videos tend to rank well within search, and provide an extra visual component that will keep visitors on a website longer than they may stay otherwise. From a consumer standpoint, videos are a quick way to not only learn about a brand, but are a very shareable element that tends to play out very well on social media sites.

Video should be used to reveal new products, establish a brand as an authority in its respective field, and even feature testimonials from satisfied customers. Video represents a unique opportunity for brands to establish a more discernable voice than they otherwise would be able to via written content. With new products, for instance, a video is capable of demonstrating a new product's various uses, while written content can only describe in detail what the particular product does. If you're looking to establish yourself as an authority, video is a much more effective means of doing so. Take for example an attorney looking to establish herself as an authority on personal injury law. Written content will certainly help demonstrate that the attorney knows what she's talking about, but there may not be much of a difference between what her content says versus what her competitor's content says. With video, however, the attorney is able to introduce her demeanor and persona to the video viewer. While the content she's talking about in the video may be the exact same as the written content on her site, it's accompanied by her voice, her mannerisms, and (hopefully) her confidence. For potential clients looking to hire an attorney, video can give a sneak peek into what the attorney is going to be like to work with, a definite advantage in the ultra-competitive world of legal internet marketing.

Speaking of clients, video is a great medium to feature client testimonials about your products and services. Much more so that written testimonials and product reviews, videos help potential customers connect with the person giving the testimonial. Videos enable those potential customers to relate to another consumer who's just like them, and lend a bit of credibility to the review that written content just can't capture. Furthermore, with so few brands offering a variety of content via video, there has never been a more opportune time to branch out and put your company in front of the camera.

It's certainly no secret that social media has ingrained itself within many facets of our day-to-day lives. One of the most popular types of content shared via social media is video, and brands should definitely be aware of this when producing videos. That is, if a brand's video is well done, entertaining, and provides a clear benefit to viewers, then chances are fairly high that the video is going to travel well via social media. Brand advocates are going to be more than willing to share the video content, creating a stronger social signal for your website with every video view, comment, like, and share.

Videos capture your brand's voice and help establish what your brand is all about. This in itself is no easy task, but it doesn't need to be as difficult a process. At SLS Consulting, Inc., our internet marketing team can help give you the direction you need to produce worthwhile videos for your website. For more information about how video can be incorporated into your website, please contact us today at (323) 254-1510.

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