We build websites that invite visitors in from the moment they land on the page, giving them the best experience and igniting the urge to pick up the phone and ask for more. It is our mission to help you make that connection. We design every detail on your website to speak to your clients, from the way a button looks to the use of typography, spacing, and color. Driven by our relentless quest for excellence, we consistently improve the functionality of your website through user behavior tracking and page-by-page audits.

Responsive & Functional

Today over half of the U.S. browses the internet primarily on their smartphones, and that number is growing daily—which is why we design websites that perform consistently across all devices and browsers. We believe in purposeful web architecture geared toward user engagement and conversion while lowering bounce rates. Engineered to maximize loading speed, our websites ensure an uninterrupted experience on both mobile and desktop devices for users. We build websites that rank in the top Google results consistently nationwide.

A beautiful responsive website of WRSMH LLP designed and built by SLS Consulting, Inc won 2021 Award of Excellence in the 27th Annual Communicator Awards.

One Happy Client

Mark Breyer

Mark Breyer
Founding Partner

SLS has delivered as promised. We are finally climbing our way up the search engines and the people who need us are beginning to have the opportunity to view our website and see what we believe The Husband & Wife Law Team has to offer. Funny how it took me getting to the first page of Google to suddenly receive so many calls to deliver what no one could deliver before Susan Ziegler.

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Our Process


Understanding Your Goals

We want our clients to be involved in the process of building their web presence. This is how we can assure that they will be satisfied with the finished product. Your initial call will be with the company’s owner, where you’ll discuss your overall goals and contract. Then there will be a conference call with our entire staff, including the writing, design, social media, and SEO departments. This call helps us determine your voice, philosophy, tone, and the overall personality of the firm.



Using your input regarding visual tone and aesthetics, we will begin designing your website, paying particular attention to color schemes, layout, and typography. We will also gather any existing assets you want us to use on your site (logos, photographs, videos, content, etc.). Meanwhile, the writing department will be researching and composing the site’s content. Finally, we’ll do a mockup/prototype of your website and send it to you for approval. Again, we like to keep our clients involved.



Once we find out you’re pleased with the design and content of your website, we’ll send it to our coding department. The coding process is very important for how well your site functions on the Internet. A poorly coded website will have slower page and load speeds, and may not be visible to search engines. Search engines operate by “crawling” the content of a site and sending the relevant information to be analyzed by the engine’s algorithms. An improperly-indexed website will not be as easily crawled.



Once coding is completed, your site will undergo numerous tests, debugging, and a final polish. After we receive your final approval, we’ll launch your redesigned site onto the Worldwide Web. At this point, we’ll begin monitoring its performance, keeping an eye on heatmaps, scrollmaps, clicktracking, and other analytical tools. We will also check to see how often your site is visited and how users behave when they get there. This will allow us to make the necessary adjustments to maximize your rankings and conversion rate.

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