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At SLS Consulting, we take design seriously. Website design is an integral part of any Lawyer Marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) campaign. No two SLS websites are the same and we don't use "templates" or "cookie cutter" looks. Unlike many other Legal SEO firms, we design each legal website on a custom basis, taking into account the desires of the client, as well as the design aspects that over twelve years of experience has taught us are effective for conversion and search engine visibility.

We understand that your website is an extension of your law firm and that, in many cases, your website is the first impression a potential client will have. We listen to your ideas and then incorporate our experience to design a website that is personal, professional, and successful.

Enhancing Your Website to Fit Conversion Goals

It's tough not to compare yourself, let alone your legal website, to other lawyer and attorney websites; however, don't forget that what makes you and your law firm unique is what really matters just as much as what your law firm's specific goals are for conversion.

The design team at SLS Consulting works diligently to ensure that a legal website stands out from the rest, capturing the genuine personality of an attorney and law firm. We want your website to not only have a lasting effect on a visitor, but also be easy to navigate so that invaluable information can be accessed in seconds, keeping visitors on your site for longer periods of time.

Although it is important to consider how you want your law firm to stand apart from your competition on the Internet, not all site design features will be suitable for your particular message or area of practice. Depending on your target audience and other factors of the SEO equation, you may not want certain design features. Even if you do want them at first, you may realize later that there's a better, more appropriate fit for you. In any case, some design features we utilize to incorporate usability and lead generation include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Drop Down Menu - informative, trending drop down menu with thumbnails and icons of topics for an easier way to navigate through the site
  • Live Chat – allows visitors to speak to a live representative 24/7
  • Free Book Downloads – give visitors free and helpful information and is a way to generate leads
  • Video Library - insightful videos that elaborate on issues discussed on the website and provides visitors with another way of being engaged
  • RSS Feed – provides glimpse at what is being discussed on the law firm's blog to draw the interest of visitors and provide yet another way for them to access the helpful information they are seeking
  • Case Results – are a great way to easily highlight the many accomplishments of the firm and can be its own web page as well as appear on practice area pages relevant to the type of jury verdict or settlement won
  • Testimonials – no one can quite describe the quality of your firm like your satisfied clients, which is why testimonials provide unique and long-lasting value to your site that will make an impact on potential clients and colleagues
  • Resource Centers – almost serve as a website within a website and expand on main practice areas so that visitors can find as much detailed information as possible that pertains to a specific topic and/or geographic area

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