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Hey you…yeah, YOU…
You wanna be part of a heist this Thursday night? We could use somebody like you to help us pull this one off…it’s all or nothing…we’re goin’ after Lupus and we could use your help!

On Thursday, September 17th, the crew at SLS Consulting, Inc. will be hosting a charity event to help raise funds in the fight against Lupus. Just like we did last September, our staff will be participating in the Walk to End Lupus, a stroll around the Exposition Park area to help raise awareness of (and funds for) Lupus. In having a personal connection to the affliction, our staff is ready and eager to “help solve the cruel mystery of Lupus,” and we’re doing all we can to help fundraise before then!

In association with the Lupus Foundation of America, team SLS is raising funds for Lupus research that will hopefully bring us closer to a cure for this deadly condition. On Thursday, September 17th, we are partnering with Kidd’s Jewelry Heist for a night of fun, food, and fundraising. Located within the “World Famous” Dinosaur Farm in South Pasadena, Kidd’s Jewelry Heist is an interactive jewelry making parlor for kids of all ages. From 7:00-10:00PM, a portion of every purchase made will be donated directly to our Lupus cause. SLS will be providing snacks and drinks, the jewelry parlor will be open for anyone and everyone to make their own personal trinkets, and the SLS staff will be there to meet and get to know each and every one of our supporters. So mark your calendars!

Last year we were able to raise just shy of $1000, but this year we really want to blow that number out of the water! Join us if you can, donate if you want to support the cause, and tell your friends that they can create awesome jewelry for themselves while helping an amazing charity this Thursday night, 7:00PM, at Kidd’s Jewelry Heist in South Pasadena.

Check out our Facebook event page for more information and our community involvement page to see other charities and organizations that that are important to us.

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