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Why You Should Not Give Up on Marketing Bail Bonds on Facebook

By SLS Consulting on July 27, 2021

The loss of paid ads for bail bonds on Google and Facebook was seen as a huge blow to the industry. Numerous agencies thrived in the PPC market, but this sudden change forced bail bond agents to rapidly adapt to an evolving digital space. For many, it meant abandoning Facebook altogether. While the powerhouse that was PPC is significantly weaker for bail bond agencies, Facebook can still play a major role in your marketing efforts.

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9 Creative Ways to Draw in Clients Through Social Media

By SLS Consulting on April 12, 2021

We all know about the dreadful writer’s block, but businesses often deal with the same type of issue when it comes to social media. These “social blocks” are the biggest reasons why most lawyers give up on their social media campaigns: they simply run out of ideas. We at SLS Consulting, Inc., understand this issue, which is why we have put together nine ways to break through your social media block and pull in new clients.

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Why You Should Post About Current and Local Events

By SLS Consulting on December 1, 2020

The longer you use social media for your law firm, the more you discover the importance of engaging with your followers. Sometimes this can be answering general legal questions or highlighting clients you’ve helped in the past. Other times it is showcasing your professional talents through new awards and case results. But one of the most important ways to connect with your followers is by humanizing your firm and your legal team, which you can often do by discussing the latest big event.

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Having a Clear Voice and Tone for Your Posts

By SLS Consulting on November 1, 2020

Whether you are writing a blog, sending out a newsletter, or tweeting out a new award, how you craft your voice and words can determine how your reader views you and your firm. While each platform and medium can have its own style and goals, your social media posts will rely heavily on consistency. Having widely different tones across several posts can make it seem like each post is by a different writer, thus giving your account an identity crisis. But if you decide on a tone beforehand and are selective about how you post – from the words you use to the topics – you can improve engagement across each platform.

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The Key to Eye-Catching Social Media Images

By SLS Consulting on October 8, 2020

Building out a following on social media for your law firm can be a huge boon to your long-term goals, but only when done right. You may be able to discuss the latest changes to the law, new attorneys or paralegals you’ve brought on, speaking engagements, or events you will be sponsoring. With each post, you may be tempted to share a photo or graphic to make it visually interesting. But you should always remember that each platform has different image size requirements for posts that include images. If your image is not correctly sized, it can be stretched or skewed, and make your post look unprofessional!

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Create a Style Guide for Your Posts

By SLS Consulting on September 23, 2020

Marketing your firm on social media is a lot like picking the right outfit. If you’re going to be meeting with a new client, you will want to wear a suit that makes you feel confident, a tie that catches their attention but is not distracting, and shoes that you can comfortably walk in. It all has to work together at the end of the day, but what’s important is how it showcases your unique style and brand.

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Creating a Posting Calendar for Your Firm’s Social Media Accounts

By SLS Consulting on August 12, 2020

While law firms are not the first thing people think about when they log onto Facebook or Twitter, having an active social media presence can be advantageous to your marketing efforts in the long run. Building accounts for your firm can allow you to stay engaged with your local community, share client reviews and case results, and even connect with new clients. You may already have a business account for your firm, but are not sure where to start building traffic. That is why we advise lawyers and firms to first plan out their posts ahead of time so that they can focus on a long-term strategy for their marketing goals.

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Social Media: A Tool for Branding Your Law Firm

By SLS Consulting on June 29, 2020

When you think of popular brands on social media, law firms probably do not come to mind. However, that is not to say that law firms should not include social media as part of their marketing strategy. You may see attorneys posting or sharing socially and think they are misguided in their strategy, but it is always better to be part of the conversation.

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Marketing Company Comparison: SLS vs The Company Trying to Sell You Facebook Likes

By SLS Consulting on November 5, 2019

Have you ever gotten an email solicitation from a marketing company promising to get you more engagement on your Facebook page? Depending on the industry you’re in, an offer like this could be extremely valuable – particularly if you’re selling some sort of product that people can potentially buy on impulse. If you’re a lawyer, however, selling your services on Facebook, or any other social media site for that matter, isn’t necessarily going to land you more clients.

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Ask SLS: How Can Lawyers Increase Their Avvo Rating?

By SLS Consulting on June 19, 2018

We introduced “Ask SLS” last year, a new blog series that goes over common questions we get from our current clients, lawyers just looking for some quick advice, and former clients who still reach out to us for help from time to time. Each of our departments – Design, SEO, Social, Writing, and Video – will be scouring their email archives to bring you those questions and the answers we give.

Today, we’re tackling Avvo, arguably the most popular lawyer-ranking site out there. Unlike some other rating sites, Avvo does not allow a lawyer to “review” his or her way to the top, and the grading is more complex for a “superb” or perfect 10 ranking. Now, the advice we’re giving you today does not cover all situations, and we have to remember that Avvo is constantly fine-tuning or updating its formula to deliver better results to potential clients. But the name of the game is “comprehensive”…so, here’s our general advice for upping your Avvo rating the organic way.
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