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Ask SLS: How Can Lawyers Increase Their Avvo Rating?

We introduced “Ask SLS” last year, a new blog series that goes over common questions we get from our current clients, lawyers just looking for some quick advice, and former clients who still reach out to us for help from time to time. Each of our departments – Design, SEO, Social, Writing, and Video – will be scouring their email archives to bring you those questions and the answers we give.

Today, we’re tackling Avvo, arguably the most popular lawyer-ranking site out there. Unlike some other rating sites, Avvo does not allow a lawyer to “review” his or her way to the top, and the grading is more complex for a “superb” or perfect 10 ranking. Now, the advice we’re giving you today does not cover all situations, and we have to remember that Avvo is constantly fine-tuning or updating its formula to deliver better results to potential clients. But the name of the game is “comprehensive”…so, here’s our general advice for upping your Avvo rating the organic way.
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Ask SLS: How Should Lawyers Use LinkedIn?

LinkedIn for LawyersIn this new blog segment from SLS, our staff members have scoured their email archives to find informative explanations for some of the more commonly asked questions we receive from our clients. We’re calling this new feature “Ask SLS” so be sure to check back monthly for answers to some of the more frequently asked questions we get from current clients, lawyers just looking for some quick advice, and former clients who still reach out to us for help from time to time.

In today’s article, we discuss one possible way lawyers can approach using their LinkedIn profile to positively impact their marketing efforts. Remember though, the advice we offer here isn’t the only way of handling a particular situation, especially when it’s related to marketing. Over the years, we’ve weighed risk and reward when it comes to certain tactics and strategies, so we’re providing insight on approaches that we have experience with. So, without further ado, let’s check out today’s question… Read the rest »

End of Year Marketing Wrap-Up – Social Media Marketing

Social Marketing PasadenaAll in all, 2014 was a busy year in the world of social media, and an even busier year for marketers trying to stay on top of all the latest developments and updates.  Facebook removed like-gating, Twitter rolled out a brand new look, and Google+ removed authorship from the SERPs.

The number of people using social media sites continued to rise, and mobile apps (namely Instagram) really started to ingrain themselves into the everyday marketing practices of brands both big and small.

If you’re an attorney though, how should you approach your 2015 marketing efforts when it comes to social media?  For starters, ask yourself the following two questions:

  1. How well are you using your social media presence to help leverage new business?
  2. Are you at least using it to help brand your law firm? Read the rest »

Why Blending Your Work Life with Your Personal Life isn’t Always a Bad Thing

You’re an attorney. When you’re in the office, you’re all business.  When you’re out of the office, you’re all about rest, relaxation, and spending time on your personal self. But why do the two always have to be mutually exclusive? They don’t have to be, and can create a more complete web presence if you take some time to forge the two together.

Branding for BusinessesLet us tell you a little story about SLS. Not too long ago, everyone in office kept their personal lives completely separate from their work lives. From the time they clocked out from the time they clocked back in again, SLS employees were off to do their own thing and SLS was essentially non-existent until the work week rolled around. Our social media profiles were filled with marketing industry news, and there was no personal touch to be found anywhere other than the occasional staff photo or two. Put bluntly, it was almost as if the SLS brand was faceless, with no personality whatsoever. Then, we took a step back a bit and started to think more about our brand image and how we wanted others to view us on the internet.

At first, we thought that we solely wanted to be branded as authorities in the realm of legal internet marketing. After all, demonstrating authority in your field instills confidence in potential clients. This approach works on a website and even to a certain extent on a blog, but it simply did not work on the social side of things. Flash forward a couple of years and social media is more interwoven in our society than ever. Nowadays, companies are EXPECTED to have a presence on social sites and failing to have a profile on one often (unfairly) raises red flags with those looking to do business with the company. Read the rest »

Marketing Within Arms Reach

Pasadena Marketing FirmIt has been roughly a week since Apple held its annual product announcement, unveiling its latest and greatest devices to the general public as it does every September. And while speculation leading up to this year’s event came true for the most part, few could have expected the splash Apple’s latest piece of tech would have. The Apple Watch, which falls in line with many of the smart watches currently on the market, quickly became the talk of the conference, the online community, and even some late night talk shows. With a large selection of colors, materials, and models to choose from, the Watch has the internet a buzz, and most certainly overshadowed this year’s new iPhone models, which as expected, are being offered with larger size screens.

Aside from looking snazzy, the Apple Watch may also have an impact on the way online advertisers market their clients. This poses a number of questions for businesses looking to stay up-to-date on the latest trends in consumer marketing. Will the Apple Watch’s unique features impact the way businesses market themselves in the future?  Let’s explore that question using what we currently know about the Apple Watch. Read the rest »

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Don’t Abandon Ship Yet! Why Google Authorship Is Far From Done

Google AuthorshipBy now you’ve certainly noticed that Google authorship photos are long gone from the SERPs.  While your first inclination may be to focus less on your authorship efforts and more on other marketing endeavors, don’t give up on authorship just yet.  As we’ve seen in the past, just because a Google product gets put on the back burner for a bit doesn’t mean that its value is completely gone.

One of the most common theories behind why Google has done away with authorship photos has to do with its advertising program.  Specifically, many marketers speculate that authorship photos were taking attention away from paid ads in the SERPs.  Less attention on ads means fewer clicks, which translates to less revenue coming into Google via AdWords.  This theory makes complete sense, and hasn’t really been refuted by most internet marketing professionals. Read the rest »

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Are Vine Videos Right for YOUR Digital Marketing Strategy?

Is Vine Worthwhile for your Social Media Marketing?Smartphone applications are more popular than ever these days, and Vine is definitely a major player in the world of mobile distractions. Applications like Vine, Instagram, and even Facebook and Twitter, have made sharing images and videos ridiculously easy, so much so that many businesses are jumping on the application marketing bandwagon. However, just because an application is popular, it doesn’t mean that it will fit into your digital marketing plan.  Let’s take a closer look at Vine to determine if it’s worth the effort.

Just over a year old now, six second video sharing application Vine boasts 40 million users worldwide.  Many of these users are of a younger demographic, which means that brands looking to capitalize on an untapped market are more than interested in posting a short video or two.  However, what might be construed as interesting from an individual user could be declared spammy if a brand doesn’t take the proper approach.  Like any digital endeavor, careful, well thought out planning should dictate whether or not shareable, six second videos are right for a brand’s marketing strategy. Read the rest »

Social Media: Do You Know Your Demographics?

Pasadena Online MarketingWhile SLS Consulting is a firm believer in utilizing the many different types of social media out there today when it comes to growing your business, but we also believe that you have to play it smart and know which platform is reaching the audience you are seeking.

For instance: if you are posting on Instagram or LinkedIn, do you know who your audience is? Do you understand the demographics involved?

Here is a breakdown of some of the more popular social media outlets and the audiences they attract. Read the rest »

Facebook Introduces Privacy Overhaul that May Affect Marketing

Internet Marketing CompanyFacebook has recently introduced some major changes to the way the social media network’s privacy settings are handled for users, both old and new. In response to past complaints about Facebook’s unwieldy and somewhat opaque privacy options and interface, the company will be implementing over the next few weeks a new, expanded, and comprehensive privacy checkup tool, which will ensure that users know who sees their posts, which apps they use, and key pieces of information on their profile through the use of overlays, pop-ups, and notifications.

New privacy tools and features that have been introduced in the past several months include a public posting reminder that double-checks whether a user is sharing with their intended audience, a simplified audience selector for Facebook on iPhone, an anonymous login system that allow users to filter what information apps receive, and a redesigned app control panel.

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Selfies, Social Media, and Their Strange Effects on the Plastic Surgery Industry

How Does Social Media Influence the Rise in Plastic Surgeries?SLS Consulting is constantly exploring how social media can be used to promote and improve business. Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are now essential tools for letting your clients and your potential clients know who you are and why they should be doing business with you.

These platforms are also making plastic surgeons VERY happy.

According to a recent study conducted by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS), one in three plastic surgeons say that social media is responsible for an increase in the number of patients seeking cosmetic surgery and other non-surgical procedures, such as Botox injections.

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