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Why You Should Not Give Up on Marketing Bail Bonds on Facebook

By SLS Consulting on July 27, 2021

The loss of paid ads for bail bonds on Google and Facebook was seen as a huge blow to the industry. Numerous agencies thrived in the PPC market, but this sudden change forced bail bond agents to rapidly adapt to an evolving digital space. For many, it meant abandoning Facebook altogether. While the powerhouse that was PPC is significantly weaker for bail bond agencies, Facebook can still play a major role in your marketing efforts.

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Facebook Introduces Privacy Overhaul that May Affect Marketing

By SLS Consulting on May 22, 2014

Internet Marketing CompanyFacebook has recently introduced some major changes to the way the social media network’s privacy settings are handled for users, both old and new. In response to past complaints about Facebook’s unwieldy and somewhat opaque privacy options and interface, the company will be implementing over the next few weeks a new, expanded, and comprehensive privacy checkup tool, which will ensure that users know who sees their posts, which apps they use, and key pieces of information on their profile through the use of overlays, pop-ups, and notifications.

New privacy tools and features that have been introduced in the past several months include a public posting reminder that double-checks whether a user is sharing with their intended audience, a simplified audience selector for Facebook on iPhone, an anonymous login system that allow users to filter what information apps receive, and a redesigned app control panel.

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