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The Truth About Links and How They Can Help Your Business Today

By Susan Ziegler on December 23, 2020

Links are always a hot topic of conversation in the marketing world. Links are used by many marketing agencies as a scare tactic to get you to sign on with them. They will base most of their SEO on expanding your number of external links and do very little other work on your website. The truth about links is that no one really knows what the magic number is for links. So, if an agency offers to get you thousands upon thousands of links, there is no real truth that it will help your business. But we do know that links are about quality, not quantity. You could have 50,000 spammy and irrelevant links and your website still won’t rank well, but if you have 20 solid, relevant links, you can rank very high.

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CrashBlogging – Don’t Fall for It!

By Susan Ziegler on May 11, 2020

Now that we are all working from home and the courts are closed, the Internet Scammers are out in force! Just this week we have seen at least a dozen emails from scammers trying to sell all kinds of marketing schemes from the past – that didn’t work then and won’t work now!

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I Survived COVID-19 – Will Your Law Firm?

By Susan Ziegler on April 15, 2020

That’s right…I survived COVID-19. It was probably the worst illness I’ve ever had and the effects last close to five weeks, but then you are done with it and it’s time to move on. I don’t recommend getting it and I don’t recommend panicking during this time of uncertainty. If you do, your law firm may not survive. This is the time for action. There is a tremendous opportunity for you now. Be a survivor and come out stronger than ever when this pandemic passes.

I’ve been marketing lawyers for over 35 years, with 21 of those as the Founder and CEO of SLS Consulting, Inc. I’ve seen a lot of changes in the world of legal marketing in that time. SLS and our clients have been through a lot in those 21 years. We have learned to pivot our marketing strategies and methodologies to continue to create leads for our clients in fast-changing times, and this new situation is no exception.

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What Are They Selling You NOW?

By Susan Ziegler on August 19, 2018

I recently got an urgent call from a client late in the afternoon who said he had to talk to me as soon as possible!  Concerned, I excused myself from the meeting I was in and called him immediately. Here’s what he said: “I have this FindLaw rep who’s been hounding me for a couple of years, but now he has something brand-new he says I have to jump on immediately or I will lose the opportunity!”


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Receptionist… THE Most Important Hire for Your Law Firm (Besides Your Marketing Company Of Course!)

By Susan Ziegler on August 11, 2018

Many law firms consider their receptionist as one of the least important positions in the office. They usually are one of the lowest-paid employees in the firm. They answer the phone, make coffee, order supplies, and make sure visitors get parking validations…. What is so important about that?

After two decades marketing for law firms exclusively, let me tell you… your receptionist is the most important hire you will make.  They are the first point of contact with your firm for all new potential clients. How they answer the phone, and treat that potential client’s needs, will make all the difference in whether the client decides to hire your law firm… or not! Read the rest »