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Call Tracking and Vanity Numbers Are Different (But Both Can Help You)

By SLS Consulting on September 19, 2018

“Call 1-800-800-8000!”

That’s easy to remember. Someone traveling on a highway will see your billboard and, when the time comes and they need legal services, recall your number and call you, right?

It’s possible, but not always likely.

Today’s client is much more likely to grab your law firm’s phone number from the Internet at his convenience than scribble it down on a napkin as he’s passing by. Knowing where your calls are coming from is an extremely important part of your marketing efforts, and that’s why SLS Consulting always recommends call tracking for our clients’ websites. Read the rest »

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Receptionist… THE Most Important Hire for Your Law Firm (Besides Your Marketing Company Of Course!)

By Susan Ziegler on August 11, 2018

Many law firms consider their receptionist as one of the least important positions in the office. They usually are one of the lowest-paid employees in the firm. They answer the phone, make coffee, order supplies, and make sure visitors get parking validations…. What is so important about that?

After two decades marketing for law firms exclusively, let me tell you… your receptionist is the most important hire you will make.  They are the first point of contact with your firm for all new potential clients. How they answer the phone, and treat that potential client’s needs, will make all the difference in whether the client decides to hire your law firm… or not! Read the rest »