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Recently, tech freaks and internet marketing bloggers alike have been tweeting about Google’s alleged big project known as the Knowledge Vault. Some are touting it as the next evolutionary step in search engine power, while others are hailing it as a sign of the oncoming digital dystopia. If you’ve been out of the loop, you may be wondering just what the big deal is.Internet Marketing PasadenaTo understand the Knowledge Vault and all of its implications, it is essential to know about its perhaps soon-to-be predecessor, the Knowledge Graph.

Launched by Google in May 2012, the Knowledge Graph is the company’s existing knowledge base that pulls information from a variety of community-curated sources, such as Freebase and Wikipedia. By drawing associations between the billions of items contained within its semantic network, it is able to produce “smart” search results that aim to inform users rather than just supply them with links.

Despite its impressive capabilities, the Knowledge Graph is still limited by its dependency on crowd sourcing. If the reports are true, Google plans to solve this by taking the human element out of the equation altogether.

Imagine an autonomous knowledge base that possesses the capability to expand itself. It employs bots to gather raw data from the internet. Using complex algorithms, it then synthesizes the data to produce sensible bits of information. This is the essence of the Knowledge Vault.

So, what does this mean for the future of search optimization? Google appears to be moving away from structured data and explicit markup. The recent cessation of the Authorship program is an example of this. SEO and marketing consultant AJ Kohn believes that “entities are the way in which Google is going to improve search results for the foreseeable future.”

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