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“We have a terrific relationship, and I appreciate the quality and level of service that I've gotten from SLS consulting.”

- Tim Bussey, Founder of The Bussey Law Firm

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“The product has been timely, it's been excellent and it's given us a web presence that I feel at our market is second to none!”

- Jason Bottlinger, Founder of Bottlinger Law

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“I would recommend them highly to anyone who is looking to have a web consultant work with them you”

- Phil Russotti, Founder of WRSMH

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“Susan managed our website and produced a 22-percent compounded growth rate in our practice so she took us from a very small law firm of four people to a law firm of 40.”

- John Bisnar, Founder of Bisnar | Chase

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Cliff Shapiro

Wingate, Russotti, Shapiro, Moses & Halperin, LLP

I highly recommend Susan L. Ziegler and SLS Consulting, Inc. for your legal website promotion. We have tried newspaper ads, newsletters, and spent considerable sums of money for a television ad campaign. I can emphatically state that our firm has achieved a greater result for a fraction of the cost through Susan's efforts. Her innovative strategies and techniques have our telephones ringing and our internet mailboxes overflowing. She is enthusiastic, knowledgeable, resourceful, and always makes herself available to discuss new ideas. She is at the top of her game. Thank you, Susan, for your aggressive approach to our firm's internet advertising campaign. This is definitely the way to go!”

Mark Breyer, Esq.

The Husband & Wife Law Team

We have had our The Husband & Wife Law Team website for many years. During that time, we have made repeated efforts to increase its visibility. We strongly believed in the message we were sharing, and yet we could never achieve any real success in getting our site to the first page of the search engines with a wide enough scope or long enough duration to make a difference in our internet visibility. We tried at least 3-4 companies that promised us results over the last several years, yet none of the companies were successful in helping us meet our goal.

Then we found Susan Ziegler and SLS Consulting, Inc. SLS has delivered as promised. We are finally climbing our way up the search engines and the people who need us are beginning to have the opportunity to view our website and see what we believe The Husband & Wife Law Team has to offer. However, you do not have to take my word for it when it comes to the strength of the SLS service, you can take it from their competitors. You see, I now receive multiple calls almost every week from the SEO competitors, all promising to deliver me to the "first page of google." Funny how it took me getting to the first page of google to suddenly receive so many calls to deliver what no one could deliver before Susan Ziegler.”

John J. Page

Page Law

Susan Ziegler (SLS Consulting, Inc.) has been handling my law firm's web marketing for some time now. Susan's personal service and immediate attention to detail is beyond compare. Anyone can put together a website. Only the best can do it and achieve the #1 position for all the important keywords. In addition, Susan designed my firm's websites exactly as I described. No cookie cutter square box sites. Take a look at www.injuredclient.com. Thanks Susan and SLS Consulting, Inc. for making 2007 a record breaking year!”

Joseph H. Low

The Law Firm of Joseph H. Low IV

SLS Consulting, Inc. is the first marketing firm who took the time to get to know me and what my needs were. She did not use a cookie cutter approach with me, but rather spent half a day just getting to know me, my goals, what my dream was for my company and what I wanted a consultant to do for me. She then gave me a thorough and accurate proposal. She was also the first to deliver on every one of her promises. Her personal attention to me and my needs coupled with her ability to deliver will ensure that I will continue to work with her.”

Wayne Grant

Grant Law Office

Fantastic work. I am so impressed with our progress.

Thank you Susan and your awesome team.”

Kathleen P. March, Esq.

The Bankruptcy Law Firm, PC

First I contracted with Lexis-Martindale to do search engine optimization for my law firm, The Bankruptcy Law Firm, PC, Los Angeles, California. I thought a nationwide company like Lexis-Martindale would be reliable. Boy was I wrong. Lexis-Martindale never did perform. Finally told me they just weren't going to. Wasted a lot of time and money. Then, someone who used to work for Westlaw (the other nationwide company doing SEO for law firms) told me about Susan Ziegler and her firm. Best tip I ever got. Susan came to my law firm and met with me and my computer guy who keeps all my firm's computer equipment and applications running. Went over my goals and budget. I hired SLS Consulting, Inc. to do my law firm's SEO. That was 5 years ago.

Unlike Lexis-Martindale, Susan did what she promised. She re-engineered my firm's website so that it became search engine friendly. She worked relentlessly on my law firm's website, www.BKYLAWFIRM.com, until it came up on page one of national search results under my key search terms (los angeles bankruptcy lawyer, los angeles bankruptcy attorney, los angeles bankruptcy, los angeles bankruptcy law firm) on google word searches, and on searches on most of the other search engines as well. It's been page one for years, which is no small feat because there are about 500 other bankruptcy lawyers who also have websites, and would like to be on page one of natural search results instead of my firm being there. Eat your hearts out, all the rest of you bankruptcy lawyers, I have an exclusive with Susan for bankruptcy for my area.

PS: Susan also manages my firm's pay per click, according to the monthly budget I give her, which is a real time saver for me.”

Georgia Daniels


Your redesign of my website continues to generate compliments and clients. Your magic touch has increased my visibility on Google to the top of the organic search for my niche. Overall, clients who find me through the website tend to be civil, solvent, and motivated to complete their divorces as amicably as possible. I am a happy camper and satisfied customer.”

Stephen A. Teller

Teller & Associates, PLLC

SLS Consulting, Inc. gave my practice a huge boost for an affordable price. We got a fantastic volume of e-mail and telephone responses to the website after she started managing it, and we were able to pick and choose clients and cases we wanted to work with. Thanks Susan!”

David Plenn

The Dinosaur Farm

Susan Ziegler and SLS Consulting, Inc. have produced dramatic results for my online retail store, The Dinosaur Farm. Her efforts have made all the difference in huge revenue increase we've had over last year. She and her staff are always accessible and friendly. In addition, she has no shortage of energy and good creative ideas for boosting my business.”

Jeffrey M. Reiff

Reiff & Bily

I thought I would drop you a note to express our appreciation for a job well done optimizing our web site and hence web traffic. In this age of charlatanism, we are constantly bombarded via e mail and telephone solicitations by competitors promising "the moon", often at greater prices. Some have even wanted to participate in our practice.

We have previously been victimized by other prominent marketing services who offered a slick sales pitch with fancy brochures, fancy displays at conventions as well as gimmicky give aways and gifts. After they took our hard earned money the services were not always sufficiently delivered and the pitches all amounted to empty promises.

You and your staff have been terrific and have always been there when we needed you even at un-godly hours. We have definitely noted an increase in or web inquiries since we started working together. I must admit that I was somewhat skeptical at first, and probably a difficult client but you and your team delivered the goods and earned our respect.Thank you for a job well done. I hope that we will continue to grow together.”

Bill Tilley

Amicus Capital Group

Without hesitation I endorse Susan. I have known and worked with Susan for many years and she continues to amaze me with the quality of her work and that of her company. For all aspects of your web presence there is no one better, from search engine optimization to web marketing. I appreciate Susan's expertise and have absolute trust in her.”

Paul D. Van Der Walde

Van Der Walde & Associates

I have had the pleasure of working with Susan Ziegler for the past year, during which time she has completely taken over responsibility for my firm's Internet marketing. This has included completely reworking my website (I did not even contract for this, but she did it anyway so that my website would truly be optimized), managing my pay-per-click advertising on Overture and Google, and performing tireless Search Engine Optimization services. Because of the results she has been able to obtain for me, I no longer utilize other forms of print advertising. And the results that Susan and SLS have obtained for me are quantifiable and are provided to me anytime I request them. In this regard, my last report showed that I had 39 first place rankings, 306 top five results and 433 in the top ten. She has proven to be the hardest working person I have come across outside of my own firm - I have caught her working on my project at midnight and then again at 6:00 am the next morning! She works this hard out of a sense of pride in her work, she is always responsive and is a trusted member of my team. Continuing my relationship with Susan and SLS is the easiest decision I will ever have to make at my firm. Please feel free to contact me directly if I can answer any questions about the services SLS has provided to my firm.”

Donald G. Sowers

Takakjian, Sowers & Sitkoff, LLP

SLS Consulting, Inc. and in particular, Susan Ziegler, has been instrumental in our Internet marketing success. Susan brings an informed, innovative and caring commitment to her clients. She has dramatically increased our web presence; all the while maintaining our listings in over 150 directories, improving our high placement on search engines and revising our website. Her staff is always helpful and very pleasant. We highly recommend her services to anyone desiring to make the leap to a truly professional Internet consultant.”

Kenneth L. Christensen, Esq.

Christensen Law Firm, P.L.L.C.

As you compare legal websites, you will see that Susan Ziegler and her staff create the best looking sites, but not only do the sites look professional, thanks to Susan's help and advice it has quickly worked its way up the search engine rankings and is already producing results. She has also taken the time to help our firm understand the big picture of SEO optimization and has created a broad plan that has helped our website pass competing law firms that are with Findlaw and others.”

Paul Gallo

Masry & Vititoe Law Offices

In January of 2003, the Law Offices of Masry & Vititoe decided to do something about our self-described "weak" internet presence. Employed at our firm is Erin Brockovich and our biggest website boosts came when the movie starring Julia Roberts aired. In any search on the major internet engines, Masry & Vititoe did not appear on any first pages when "Erin Brockovich" was entered.

We did a search, where else, on the internet to find a company to enhance and optimize our website. After interviewing three area companies, we decided on giving SLS Consulting, Inc., and Susan Ziegler, a six-month trial. Over two years later, we are currently at a 75% visibility rate on the major search engines, our website has been upgraded, and we have created three new websites in specific areas of focus.

Owner Susan Ziegler is always accessible and often calls before we do to update. She is incredibly easy to work with, and knowledgeable about the latest techniques in website enhancement. Susan takes to optimization like a contest and always finds the newest ways to climb to the top.

Masry & Vititoe would not be as visible today on the internet without Susan Ziegler and SLS Consulting, Inc.”

Bert Louthian

Louthian Law Firm, P.A.

Our site had completely dropped off the radar, particularly on Google when I contacted Susan a few months ago. The web company I was using simply couldn't figure out what the problem was and I noticed Susan was getting very high rankings for her other clients so I contacted her. Apparently there were some serious problems which prevented our firm's site from receiving high rankings. I am happy to say that because of Susan's hard work and perseverance our site is now doing extremely well on Google, as well as all the other search engines and we are already seeing an increase in traffic to our site.”

George Grellas, Esq.

Grellas & Associates

As a high tech business start-up firm, we have had a Web presence for years, or at least I thought we did until we retained Susan and SLS to advise us. Susan and her team are first-class professionals. In our case, they did what they do best - provide skilled marketing guidance, excellent design services, and superb search engine optimization services - while working closely with us to help articulate the strengths of the firm. We now have, for the first time, a true and effective Web presence, and the response from clients, prospective clients, and fellow professionals has been overwhelmingly strong and positive. Susan knows her business and is prompt, responsive, professional, and a real team player. I would not hesitate to recommend SLS to others with great enthusiasm and look forward to maintaining a long-term relationship with Susan and her team in meeting our marketing needs.”

Dennis VanDerGinst

Attorney Hunter

I can wholeheartedly endorse Susan's optimization services. In addition to being an attorney, I own an internet company that designs websites and operates an online directory, attorneyhunter.com. Susan has helped establish a very visible presence for us with the search engines. We used a different service before and the results did not compare with what Susan has done. With respect to clients for whom we build websites we often refer them to Susan to help generate traffic to those sites. In addition to getting good results for her efforts, she is very responsive and courteous with respect to our needs.”

Gerald L. Cowan

Law Offices of Gerald L. Cowan

You are about to make the most important marketing decision in the life of your business or law practice. As you know, a quality product (web site) and immediate response (service) are keys to success. This is especially true in the realm of service. Clients continually rave about my new web site and when I have needs or questions, Susan responds with unbelievable solutions and speed. Susan Ziegler is simply put, "the best of the best." Call me and I will tell you how Susan and SLS Consulting, Inc. have blessed me. To me, she is a gift from God. She is in a class by herself - you can't miss. Her track record, client list and testimonials speak for themselves. Go with Susan Ziegler. You will be very pleased with your decision in both the short and long run.”

Trey Ryder

Trey Ryder LLC

In this testimonial I share my respect and admiration for Susan Ziegler. Susan is a pioneer in the field of lawyer websites. And, unlike many marketing companies, she has been involved in lawyer marketing for many years, generating profitable results for one law firm after another. In addition, her SEO skills are second to none. I urge you to look at her website portfolio and read her client testimonials. Then you'll see why lawyers agree that her websites are one of the most profitable investments her clients ever make to attract highly desirable clients. If you'd like to speak with me about Susan, you're welcome to call me at 928-468-1000.”

Donald G. Rehkopf, Jr. Esq.

Brenna & Brenna

SLS Consulting, Inc. is a "must" partner for any attorney or law firm who needs marketing advice or assistance - and that is 99% of us. Lead by Susan Ziegler, a pioneer in Internet and Web based systems, SLS Consulting, Inc. will quickly, professionally and within budget provide the necessary marketing direction, especially for litigators. For the most "Bang for your Buck" in either general or specialized marketing needs, especially for someone with an esoteric legal concentration such as my "Military Law" practice, SLS Consulting, Inc. turned my regional practice into a national presence in only 90 days. It paid for itself and that's the bottom line!”

Steven Titus

Review from Google

The absolute best in law firm SEO!

Chris DiBella

Review from Google

I have been working with SLS for over 5 years. The staff is great! They make a beautiful product and are there for support every step of the way. I would highly recommend them!”

Bryan Powell

Review from Google

I highly recommend them. I originally hired Susan and her firm back in 2006 as the marketing director of a criminal defense law firm. They provide the gold standard or personalized SEO service for lawyers and law firms. Their team is hands-on and you will get responsiveness, accountability and results with them. Something that is hard to come by today from other internet marketing companies. You can always reach Susan directly to discuss strategy or have your concerns addressed.”

Matt Fendon

Review from Google

SLS Consulting, Inc. is a selfless company. I initially contacted them about handling a web site redesign for me. They were unable to accept the project due to a conflict. However, Susan went out of her way to do everything she could to help me find the a company that would fit my firm’s needs. She made the process 10 times easier for me and she got absolutely nothing out of assisting me. Susan and her team really do care about making sure you are taken care of, whether it’s with them or another entity. I highly recommend them and if you get an opportunity to work with SLS, jump at it :)”

Christopher Levinson

Review from Google

I have known Susan and SLS Consulting, Inc. for over ten years. Susan is one of the most knowledgeable individuals on the inter-workings of the SEO world and has in-depth knowledge of law firm marketing. I highly recommend Susan and her team!”

Joe Cullan

Review from Google

SLS has been Fantastic!! I would highly recommend Susan, Ronnie, and company to any law firm that wants to succeed. They will put you at the top. Special thanks to the entire team for all the help over the years.”

Ruthie Sanchez

Review from Google

I have worked with the team at SLS Consulting, Inc. for over 6 years. As an in-house marketer myself, working for a law firm in New York, it takes a great deal of precision and productive collaboration to reach marketing goals...and there is NO OTHER legal marketing consultant I trust the most than SLS Consulting, Inc. I have worked with other legal marketing consultants before and I've never found the high quality and quick communication that SLS delivers.”

Aurora Greenberg

Review from Google

SLS Consulting, Inc. has been a true pleasure to work with for the past 2 years. They are always prompt at responding to emails and questions. The skill and creativity supersedes every other consulting company we have worked with. We appreciate their devotion to helping market our company in a positive, professional manner.”

Eric Baskauskas Jr.

Review from Google

I would recommend them. I am 1/2 of the marketing department for one of the largest law firms in North Florida. There is a lot of pressure day in and day out to perform. Having SLS Consulting, Inc. as extended team members have lifted such a big weight off our shoulders. I can rely on them to communicate quickly and handle tasks efficiently. They are very knowledgeable with all aspects of digital marketing and truly wants us to succeed in every way. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a digital agency to handle their firms' digital marketing.”

Phil Coombes

Review from Google

SLS Consulting, Inc. is A plus in my books. Susan, Scott and the entire staff have been incredibly supportive and generous with their time and resources for our local charity Put The Fork In Hunger Every time we have put on an event, they have been there and supported our event. They not only drop off lots of food but they also stick around and assist us with the collections. We have our big food drive coming up again this November and we look forward to their support as always!!!”

Ronald J. Resmini

Review from Google

I guarantee that you will not be disappointed. I had the pleasure of working with Susan and her company. The highest of ability and will always get a straightforward and honest answer. If you're looking for the best, look no further and contact Susan and her team.”

Chad Range

Review from Google

There isn't a rating high enough to explain what Ronnie Gee, and the folks at SLS Consulting, Inc. do. Outstanding communication, professionalism and knowledge of the industry. Strongly recommend partnering with this company.”

Gabe Lependorf

Review from Google

She and her team are awesome! We have been using Susan for our SEO for 10 years now. Easy to work with and our business has greatly increased!”

KandS Marketing

Review from Google

Great Company!

Mercedes Sheehan

Review from Google

Susan and the SLS team have been integral in the growth and success of my family business. Prior to finding SLS, we worked with other digital marketing firms who charged us thousands for slow websites that didn’t help us generate leads. SLS redesigned our website so that it can be found in search results and attract clients. Within one year, our website was on the first page of search results. Due to SLS’s continued website maintenance and marketing services, we regularly compete for the first position in search results pertaining to our local industry.

I have worked closely with the project managers, developers, and writers on the SLS team. Every team member has a specialization and it is clear that the team has effective workflow processes in place.

If you are a serious business owner who wants to maximize your digital presence and generate a ton of leads, then SLS is the team for you.”

David Bransky

Review from Google

SLS Consulting, Inc. provided impeccable service and a high quality build to my website which set it apart from other website in my field. I have received countless compliments on the website using the words "wow", "clean", "professional", "welcoming", etc. The hands on team approach was top notch. Thank you SLS!”

Wais Azami

Review from Google

I contacted Susan after seeing one of my competitors using her services for their business. They ranked very well and had a professional website which looked fantastic. However, when I called her, I realized my budget was much too small. Susan knew from the beginning that I did not have the budget for her superb services. She still took the time to help guide me without charging me. She responded to several inquiries from me over a few days. She analyzed what I needed. She was honest with her advice and recommendations. She simply asked me to consider joining her when my budget increased. So far, her recommendations have been spot-on and I think it won't be long before I call her again to actually do business. That's how you earn trust! She definitely will get referrals from me too!”

Jim Gibson

Review from LinkedIn

Susan is by far one of the best business partners you could ever hope to have. I have worked with Susan on various projects since 2002. Since that time I have been continuously impressed with Susan’s ability to deliver solutions that exceed expectations.”

John Bisnar

Review from LinkedIn

We wouldn’t be where we are today without your help. In an interview last week I was recently asked who had been the most influential person in the success of the Bisnar|Chase law firm. “Susan Ziegler” I immediately responded.

“Who is Susan Ziegler and what did she do for Bisnar|Chase” was the follow up question. I began to tell the story of Bisnar|Chase venturing into internet marketing in the late ‘90s without a clue as to what we were doing when we meet Susan Ziegler. Over the next decade Susan and her company SLS Consulting, Inc. (http://www.legalinternetmarketing.com/) were responsible for attracting well over a thousand ideal new clients for us through the website she designed and optimized. Those additional thousand clients put Bisnar|Chase on the map.

I grew to trust Susan very quickly. She does what she says and says what she does. Based upon that trust, Susan became not only our internet marketing consultant, she became our marketing consultant, our teacher, our guide, our trusted friend and the most important person to the success of our practice. She even acted as my therapist through the challenges of internet marketing that we faced together. She is a really good person.

Although I was always inpatient for results, Susan was able to guide me through the world of internet marketing, calm my impatience and produce results beyond our dreams. Susan has always been easy to work with, reliable and quick to respond to inquiries. We never had a year without an outstanding ROI from her services.

Susan initially designed and optimized our BestAttorney.com website in 1999. Over the course of the last 14 years, Susan’s website marketing expertise helped us to grow our business beyond our dreams. Susan is a pioneer in legal internet marketing. She is always ahead of her contemporaries in internet marketing theory, implementation and producing consistent outstand results. Susan guided us to hundreds of organic first position prime search term listings and thousands of first page organic listings and kept us there.

Although Bisnar|Chase has come along way since 1999, we couldn’t have done it without Susan. To this day, Susan Ziegler remains our trusted marketing consultant, internet guru and dear friend! I have referred my best friends to Susan for their websites and search engine optimization and I will continue to do so.

Thank you Susan! We wouldn’t be where we are today without your help.”

Mark Breyer

Review from LinkedIn

We have trusted Susan to handle our SEO for years. We chose her after a lawyer who was dominating his market in personal injury suggested using her, as well. We did our research and hired her due to her outstanding results throughout the country.

Many years into working with Susan I can tell you that she has done a fantastic job. We are doing extremely well in a highly competitive market.

While results drive this relationship I have to also admit that her personality and willingness to listen to our questions and address any concerns over the years has made Susan and her company a valuable (and well liked) part of our marketing strategy”

Joe Ingram

Review from LinkedIn

What an incredible person. Susan is a very warm and endearing person that places her customers needs above her own. She has the ability to look at a business and immediately dissect the problem areas and build a proactive approach to eliminating the issue and ensuring it doesn't return. Her dedication to her friends, family and colleagues is unparalleled in the business world today. Susan has an amazing attention to detail and a delightful personality - all in all, if Susan is on your side, your are going no where but UP!”

George E. Meng

Review from LinkedIn

Susan did what we asked, was responsive and produced results.”

Dave Plenn

Review from LinkedIn

Out of 5 stars, she gets 6. I have only the highest praise for Susan Ziegler and SLS & Associates. She offered valuable advice and counsel at a reasonable rate. She also performed tasks that were above and beyond my expectations, and really improved the performance of my online business. I marked "Web Designer" but she also served as a business consultant in many ways - going beyond just web graphics and design.”

John Page

Review from LinkedIn

Their knowledge, skill, integrity, and ability are unbelievable. Search engine optimization is one of the most difficult areas to find top notch, ethical people. After years of fighting through the crowd of horrible SEO firms, I found Susan and her crew. Susan’s team has been instrumental in developing my firms outstanding web presence.”

Michael Monheit

Review from LinkedIn

She is very knowledgeable. Susan is our go-to person for Search Engine Optimization consulting.”

Donald G Rehkopf Jr

Review from LinkedIn

For the value, it doesn't get any better!! I've known Susan for many years and she's done one superb job designing my website and answering any and all questions that I have, timely and efficiently.”

Bill Tilley

Review from LinkedIn

Without hesitation I endorse Susan. I have known and worked with Susan for many years and she continues to amaze me with the quality of her work and that of her company. For all aspects of your web presence there is no one better, from search engine optimization to web marketing. I appreciate Susan's expertise and have absolute trust in her.”

Bryan Powell

Review from LinkedIn

I highly recommend SLS Consulting, Inc. As the Marketing Director of large Criminal Defense Law Firm, I hired Susan to oversee our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign. Her firm has produced amazing results.”

Jay Steven Levin

Review from LinkedIn

Susan is the real deal. The full package. Susan has a unique 360 blend of the business smarts ranging from technical side knowledge of advanced search skills combined with a one-of-a-kind client focus and account management experience. Even junior level people get that this is rare. Usually on a good day you get one. Or another. Very rarely do you get both. Not with Susan. With Susan you get both 24/7. Always. It's her standard business operating procedure. Superior technical skill. And mature client management knowledge. Susan is the real deal. The full package. No hype. Just results. And consistent client satisfaction. How else would you explain the client retention level she has? It''s off the charts. Because whe works hard to keep it that way. Ask around. It's not just me. the industry knows who she is and what she represents.”

Lawrence Wolf

Review from LinkedIn

Consistantly, willingly, eagerly, professionally, and expertly are just a few ways to describe Susan and her entire staff.”

Tom Young

Review from LinkedIn

She provides expert personal service. Susan is somewhat of a competitor to my company, but I felt compelled to write this recommendation anyway! While I have not personally met Susan, I do know many professionals who use her services and are thrilled with the results. She provides expert personal service in a field wrought with purveyors of snake-oil. As far as online marketing companies go, choose a boutique shop like Susan's, not one of the big boys.”

Joe Biniskiewicz

Review from LinkedIn

Susan Ziegler is both an expert and a professional. Susan's enthusiasm and expertise are exceeded only by her vibrant and friendly personality. I highly recommend Susan for professional services, consulting and marketing engagements.”