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Hastings Ranch Snoopy House
With the holiday season upon us and 2017 right around the corner, we wanted to take the time to recognize some local, Pasadena-based Christmas light displays that pulled out all the stops to make this year’s holiday season one of the most festive yet. These holiday display “marketers” took the time and put in plenty of effort to make sure their streets are spreading lots of holiday cheer for everyone to enjoy. The annual barrage of lights, courtesy of the residents of the Upper Hastings Ranch area in Pasadena, is available for viewing from December 10, 2016 –January 1, 2017. To make your visit as joyful as possible, the team at SLS compiled its own “Top 5 Must See Houses” list as a handy reference tool.*

Our Top 5 Displays in Descending Order

#5. Nativity – 1265 Valley View Ave: Not many houses still do nativity scenes so we appreciate how this house was able to display it in a respectful, enjoyable way.
Hastings Ranch Christmas Lights - Nativity

#4. Christmas Band – 1086 Rexford Ave: This house has to make the list just for getting in the spirit of Christmas and having a live band perform in their front yard. #HRCarolers for the dates and times they will be there.
Hastings Ranch Christmas Lights - Band

#3. Giant Christmas Tree – 1126 Tropical Ave: You might be able to see this one as you’re driving towards the area as they have a huge Christmas tree light display with a star on top of their roof. There’s also a giant bear amongst a myriad of other decorations to enjoy.
Hastings Ranch Christmas Lights - Christmas Tree

#2. Snoopy House – 1315 Valley View Ave: We love homes with themes and this one barely missed our top spot with all of the effort put into it. But if you love Snoopy, Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang, this is definitely a must see. A lot of the displays are homemade and worth getting out of your warm car to see all the details. They even added a tv in the window this year that loops the “Charlie Brown Christmas” movie which is a nice touch.
Hastings Ranch Christmas Lights - Snoopy

#1. Video Game Display – 1207 Tropical Ave: Maybe we’re just suckers for anything to do with vintage video games but this one stole the show. Stay in your car and tune in to 99.1 FM to hear and see the show as the music is synced to an awesome light display. There is a monitor on the roof that you can watch for a couple minutes as they play homage to Pac-Man, Mario and other 8-bit heroes of our past. This display is on the same street as our #3 display so if you only want to cruise down one street because of the crowds, this is the one to see.
Hastings Ranch Christmas Lights - Video Game Display

Honorable Mention:

Snowman and the Reindeer – 1218 Valley View Ave: Frosty and Rudolph made for a good laugh.
Hastings Ranch Christmas Lights - Snowman and Reindeer

Hanukkah – 1488 Rexford Ave: You don’t see a lot of Hanukkah displays very often so this is a nice change of pace.
Hastings Ranch Christmas Lights - Hanukkah

Carriage House – 1723 Winding Way: This house is huge and looks over UHR. It didn’t make the list because you can’t really get that close to it because of the gate to the entrance.
Hastings Ranch Christmas Lights - Carriage House

If you decide to take a ride down to see the displays, here are some guidelines per the UHRA (Upper Hastings Ranch Association), that they ask you to abide by:

  • Pull over if you see something you like.
  • Drive with your lights ON so we can see you.
  • Please don’t touch the displays.
  • Enjoy our neighborhood!

We’ve also created an interactive map to help you plan your drive through the neighborhood:

We hope this is helpful to you. We did drive through all of UHR but still may have missed some so let us know if you spotted any that didn’t make our list!

* Addresses are approximate

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