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While law firms are not the first thing people think about when they log onto Facebook or Twitter, having an active social media presence can be advantageous to your marketing efforts in the long run. Building accounts for your firm can allow you to stay engaged with your local community, share client reviews and case results, and even connect with new clients. You may already have a business account for your firm, but are not sure where to start building traffic. That is why we advise lawyers and firms to first plan out their posts ahead of time so that they can focus on a long-term strategy for their marketing goals.

Having a calendar will help you not only stay organized but will allow for better planning of the content posted to your social media platforms. A year-long posting calendar is ideal, but if that task seems too daunting, create a monthly calendar. Decide what platforms would be of benefit to your firm, how many posts per month, and what days and times will bring the most traffic.

Your calendar can include any recent case results you are proud of, positive reviews from past clients, news about recent federal or state rulings, articles you have written, any awards you or your firm have recently received, and ways you have connected with your community, such as charitable endeavors and speaking engagements. You do not have to have every week of the year planned out, or even post every day, but properly scheduling out your social content can be vital to growing your account and expanding your online presence.

When it comes time to review your marketing endeavors, you may start noticing more engagement on specific types of posts, such as blogs or case results, or an increase in engagement at certain hours of the day. This information can allow you to further refine your calendar and larger strategy in order to maximize the efficiency of your accounts. In the long run, you will be able to promote your firm’s unique brand and voice, ultimately helping you attract future clients.

But you do not have to go it alone when expanding your social media accounts. The team at SLS Consulting, Inc. has worked with firms across the country to plan out social calendars, build traffic across multiple accounts, and generate more leads. If you have questions about expanding your firm’s presence on social media, call us at (323) 254-1510 to discuss your internet marketing strategy.

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