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In today’s Internet-connected world, your brand isn’t confined to your website. Sites like Facebook, Yelp, and Instagram get millions of visitors every day, making them a fertile platform for your firm to spread its message and grow its fan base. Social media allows you to put a human face on your firm, and connect with potential clients in a non-lawyerly fashion. Show them you’re a real person, not just an attorney.

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Ultimately, the goal is to drive traffic to your website. This can be done in a number of ways. Repost a blog or review, mention the latest product recall, tweet your latest settlement or verdict. You can even post a picture of your new puppy. The point is, human interest content speaks to people, and social media is the voice of the people.

Consistent look of our client Gibson Singleton’s accross all social media platforms helps increase their brand recognition.

One Happy Client

We provided social media coverage,

created a brand-new information

“hub” page on the website about

Michelle Hadley’s case that made

headlines around the country.

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Bringing it All Back Home

A person in need of legal services isn’t likely to search for an attorney on a social media site. While converting visitors into clients should always be the goal with your website, it shouldn’t be the approach you take with your social media presence. Social media’s job is to put a human face on your firm; to connect you, in a non-business way, with your community; and ultimately, drive viewers back to your official website. Post an informative blog, announce a charity event you’re involved with, or welcome a new partner on your social media sites. Remember, you’re selling your personality on social media (and in the process, indirectly selling your services).


Let Us Get It Started

If you don’t already have a social media presence, we can build one for you. We’ll also maintain your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts, keeping them up to date with relevant news about your firm. We’ll also post third-party reviews, to let viewers know what you can potentially do for them in the future. Don’t worry, you’ll have full access to all your social media accounts, so you’ll also be able to post without our assistance.


How It Works

Suppose your firm posts an informational blog about what to do if you’re injured in a car accident, or, what kind of compensation a dog-bite victim is entitled to. That blog may be reposted, shared, or retweeted by one of your firm’s followers. One of that follower’s followers may have just been a car accident or bitten by a dog. That accident or dog-bite victim can be directed back to your social media page, and ultimately, back to your official website—thus, becoming a potential client.


Personality is Important

A social media presence speaks to a casual audience in an informal tone, which differs from the more urgent tone of your official webpage. It’s a chance to portray yourself as a real person, not just a lawyer well versed in legalese. Social media is a place to make friends, and introduce yourself to friends of your friends. Think of it this way: Everyone gets news, opinions, and advice through the newspaper, television, radio, or internet. But, they also get news, opinions, and advice at the neighborhood coffee shop, the local bar, or by talking to a neighbor over the fence. Think of social media as spreading your brand by word of mouth.

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