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Internet Marketing CompanyFacebook has recently introduced some major changes to the way the social media network’s privacy settings are handled for users, both old and new. In response to past complaints about Facebook’s unwieldy and somewhat opaque privacy options and interface, the company will be implementing over the next few weeks a new, expanded, and comprehensive privacy checkup tool, which will ensure that users know who sees their posts, which apps they use, and key pieces of information on their profile through the use of overlays, pop-ups, and notifications.

New privacy tools and features that have been introduced in the past several months include a public posting reminder that double-checks whether a user is sharing with their intended audience, a simplified audience selector for Facebook on iPhone, an anonymous login system that allow users to filter what information apps receive, and a redesigned app control panel.

With these recent and upcoming privacy implements, Facebook wants users to feel in control of their information. In recent years, the social media juggernaut has developed a negative reputation for being invasive and inconsiderate of their users’ information. The privacy overhaul is clearly meant to improve Facebook’s public relations and reestablish them as a company that ultimately looks out for the interests of its users.

However, there is one new feature that may adversely impact open real-time conversations and consequently marketing opportunities on Facebook. All new users will now have their posts defaulted to “friends” rather than “public.” This may lead to a decline in the effects of hashtags on Facebook since less people will be participating on the public forum. Also, marketers may now have their interactions with users limited, making it harder to propagate promotional trends and other elements of an effective social media campaign.

Since the privacy overhaul is still very much fresh, we will just have to wait and see what significant impacts it’ll have on marketing on Facebook, if any. Be sure to check up on our blog for updates on this story.

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