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These days, in the world of smart phones, you either have an iPhone or a Droid. Regardless of which make of smart phone you sport, the likelihood is fairly high that you use one of two video uploading applications to share mini-movies with your friends: Vine or Instagram Video. While it may seem like an “either-or” type of choice as far as which application you should use, it really isn’t, particularly for businesses looking to expand their mobile marketing efforts. Even though the two applications have their differences, their purpose in mobile marketing is the same – branding.

The differences between Vine and Instagram Video are easy to see. Vine videos are six and a half seconds in length while Instagram videos are 15 seconds. Vine videos loop while Instagram videos play through just once. Vine is owned by Twitter while Instagram is owned by Facebook. While the differences between the two mobile apps seem apparent, the similarities in advertising value are more or less on par with one another.

For brands using either Vine or Instagram video for mobile marketing purposes, the primary goal remains the same – to create a clear, concise marketing message that falls in line with the overall branding message being sought after. In the case of Vine, videos have the potential to go out to all of a brand’s Twitter followers. As such, hashtags can be easily used to help categorize the video as well as highlight a particular promotion or topic of discussion for the brand. In the case of Instagram Video, videos have the potential to go out to an individual Facebook user’s friends and family. Hashtags on Facebook can now be utilized in the same way that they are on Twitter, which will further allow a brand to get its marketing message across.

What brands need to realize is that, while there is definite overlap, the type of audience reached on Twitter is different than the type of audience that can be found on Facebook. Depending on what type of business you operate, it may be more beneficial to devote the brunt of your marketing efforts to Twitter. Or, you may find that the majority of your primary demographic is located on Facebook. Either way, it is important to realize that while both social media audiences are different, each one is still worth marketing to. So, if you’re a brand debating whether or not it should use Vine or Instagram Video, why not choose to utilize both? You might be missing out on potential customers otherwise, which is never a good thing.

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