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There are billions of smartphones in the world, giving users the ability to visit any website whenever they want. However, mobile websites are different than the sites commonly visited from a home computer. If your law firm has a poorly designed mobile site, or no mobile-specific site at all, you may miss out on getting new clients.

Often, those in need of legal representation will need to contact law firms quickly and may only have a smartphone with them in their moment of need. By providing a well-crafted and user friendly attorney mobile website, you can give your law firm the chance to attract potential clients, no matter where they are.

Understanding what forms a great mobile site is complicated and is dependent upon the needs of each individual law firm. To learn more about the benefits of a mobile website for lawyers and its role in your online and offline marketing, contact the web design team at SLS Consulting, Inc. today at (323) 254-1510.

How Do Mobile Websites Help Your Law Firm?

Like non-mobile sites, mobile websites are meant to inform potential clients of your law firm's services and build trust. A great mobile site puts your law firm's services at the fingertips of clients and puts you in a position of trust and authority. By easily providing any legal information that a visitor needs, he or she will be more likely to use your services.

On the other hand, a poor mobile site can do serious harm to a law firm's potential clientele. Recent studies have shown that if a mobile site did not work properly during a consumer's last visit, approximately 46% will not return to the site. Mobile sites hold a greater opportunity, but also danger, for law firms. While many visitors will build their trust with you based on your site, many more will lose all faith in you quickly due to a poor mobile site.

Making a High Quality Law Firm Mobile Site

Prior to designing a mobile website, a law firm must understand its needs and objectives as a business and have these inform what its mobile site will focus on and include. Mobile websites should be simplistic in their design and include certain key elements present on all sites, but your law firm should still be unique in its look to distinguish itself from others and catch the eyes of visitors.

Mobile sites, just like websites, should have three major elements: easily readable and well-crafted content; a pleasing look; and easy search and navigation. By making sure that your website contains all of these elements, you can have the best chances to snag a visitor's attention, create trust, and keep them on your mobile site. But finding the balance of all these elements and developing quality content can be difficult without experienced marketing help.

Mobile Websites Tailor Made for Your Law Firm

Mobile websites are continually increasing in the role they play in every company's online presence. As such, neglecting these sites or using poorly made sites can do serious harm to your law firm's business and future prospects. The website designers at SLS Consulting, Inc. create sites tailored to the wants and needs of each client. Our mobile sites are designed for SEO and an interactive experience for visitors and potential clients. Please contact us today at (323) 254-1510 to learn more about mobile website creation and its role in your law firm's online marketing.

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