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Pasadena Mother's DayFlowers, chocolates, and glittery cards are probably the most obvious (and safest) choices for treating your mom to something nice on Mother’s Day. And while no one is really going to turn down any type of present any day of the year, are trinkets and baubles really what mothers want on a day centered on honoring the many amazing things our mothers do for us?

For so many moms, day-to-day life is a made up of juggling a variety of tasks and playing numerous roles, such as spouse, breadwinner, caregiver, daughter, business planner, and on and on. According to the Pew Research Center, women make up almost half of the U.S. labor force and 66 percent of those women have children ages 17 or younger. Across the board, whether a mom is working full time, part time, or stay-at-home, mothers reported feel rushed. So, when thinking of what to do for your mom on May 11, you may want to consider these options.

Some Much Needed Zzz’s

Whether your mom is rushing to get kids to school or looking forward to a phone call from a college student across the country, it’s a pretty safe bet that your mom is balancing a lot of responsibilities and worrying about her children and others in her life along the way. What better gift than to give your mom the opportunity to put all cares aside, count a few sheep, and drift away for a full eight hours of uninterrupted sleep? Whether you take the alarm away and plan a breakfast in bed for 11am or arrange for a day at the spa followed by an evening at a local hotel, acknowledging how much your mother takes on and giving her some much needed rest is sure to be appreciated.

One Less To-Do

Along the same vein, pitching in to cover some of the many chores and responsibilities your mother manages in a single day will be a great relief. Of course, mothers want to spend time with loved ones on their special day, but making sure that the dishes are washed, the laundry is finished, and yard work is taken care of can make Mother’s Day that much more relaxing. Pitch in for a cleaning service to come by while you spend time together or hire a gardener to

Love and Gratitude

Ultimately, Mother’s Day is about returning the love, attention, and care that your mom has provided over the years. Believe it or not, the simplest act of a hug and a thank you can go a long way toward showing your mom that you value her. If you buy a flowery card, take the time to write out a list of things you love about your mom and what you appreciate. This may seem entirely overwhelming and intimidating, but stop and think about the gestures that help one feel appreciated. Some good old-fashioned TLC, peace and quiet, and quality time together.

All of this is not to say that you shouldn’t buy your mom a gift card or make a handmade present, but those items may fall short of the more meaningful gestures of kindness and consideration your mom will truly appreciate. Whatever you decide to do, we hope it’s a lovely, warm, and relaxing day!

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