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Los Angeles Outdoor MoviesIt’s hard to believe, but summer is winding down; however, that doesn’t mean the warm days and evenings in southern California are going to go away any time soon (as those who have spent any time in Los Angeles in September and October can attest to).

So, what does this mean for you? Well, there are two things Angelenos love: movies and being outside in the warm night air. So, it is fortunate that there are many locations in the area that will be home to outdoor movie screenings. These venues are budget- and (mostly) family-friendly and there is still time to catch some great movies before the summer ends.

Here are some movers-and-shakers on the L.A. outdoor movie front:

Street Food Cinema

If you like street truck food (and who doesn’t?) then you’ll love Saturday evenings with Street Food Cinema. In August through September they throw outdoor parties that include street food, live music, and yes, movie screenings. The locations vary throughout Los Angeles, so you might want to check exactly where the screenings are. For a comprehensive listing of films, locations, street trucks, and bands, check out

Electric Dusk Drive-In

If you are in the mood for a funky, downtown Los Angeles experience, this drive-in is showing movies into December. This venue is in the heart of downtown (1000 San Julian St.) and gives you the choice of watching your movie from your car or sitting on the grass (artificial, of course). You will even be handed a snack sheet when you arrive that you can fill out and hand back to a carhop who will bring your order. Check out their schedule at

Eat l See l Hear

Another moveable feast of cinema, Eat l See l Hear sets up at different Los Angeles locations and boasts a 3.5-story-tall inflatable HD screen (reportedly the largest of its kind on the West Coast.) Much like Street Food Cinema, this venue includes bands and street food and a dog-friendly environment. They even supply free dog biscuits at the entrance. Check out their schedule at

Mr. C Beverly Hills

If the whole “sitting in the park” thing seems a little gauche to you, you can always check out Mr. C Beverly Hills’ upscale poolside cinema offerings. You can order candy, popcorn and cocktails while enjoying a classic film. There are just two film showings left in August. Remember to arrive early to reserve your seats. Being fashionably late is not fashionable here. Check out their schedule at

These are just some of the outdoor movie venues in L.A. that you can enjoy in what is left of summer. Go out and have some fun. If you want to find us, you’ll most likely run into us at a film screening at Mr. C — after our spa treatment and cocktails, of course.

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