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Legal Video As most people are acutely aware, with smart-phones and Skype part of everyday life now, the camera can either be your best friend or your worst enemy. It is a microscope that focused one way somehow adds pounds, and another way, subtracts youth. It can highlight the things you don’t want on screen and shroud the things you want to stand out. It is relentless critic getting the best of you one day and a screaming cheerleader the next, determined to get the best out of you.

Take Richard Nixon for example. In the fall of 1960, then Vice President Nixon took on a young Boston Senator in the first televised Presidential debate. The contest was decided long before either of the two candidates opened their mouths. In one corner you’ve got sweaty, bulldogged Tricky-Dick looking like he’s got one foot in the grave and in the other corner, Camelot’s own smooth, suave and charismatic son – John F. Kennedy Jr. While there are plenty of contemporary examples, few offer the stark contrast between being fully prepared for the spotlight and just winging it.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at your own marketing strategy. If you plan to use video – either for straight-forward advertisement, short bumpers or long form content – you should consider a few things before hitting the record button. Every company and CEO looks great on paper, but under the glaring studio lights and precision scrutiny of the lens, the imperfections can shine through – so we highly recommend researching some of the following points before jumping into the production pool:

Professionally Speaking – You need to hire the right people for the right job. Around the turn of the century (21st that is) there was much hullabaloo about consumer video killing off professional video crews. A new age of self-promotion and cheap video service was upon us and gone were the days of hiring skilled technicians.

While it could be argued some enterprising firms took advantage of this idea and painstakingly built up their own video department, most savvy businesses still look to professional marketing firms for their video needs. Not only does this remove the enormous overhead of maintaining in-house equipment, it brings a level of professionalism and education that, unfortunately, many untrained DIYers simply miss out on.

The Write Stuff – Let’s assume you’ve decided that video is the way to go. Congratulations – you’ve made a bold move with your strategy that can pay off in dividends. Not only that, you’re accustomed to speaking in front of an audience – so it should take no time to have a polished video for your site, right? Yes and no. Before heading off to your shooting session, write out your message – build a proper script. Don’t assume you’ll be able to wing it. We’ve witnessed countless professional speakers seize up after only one or two takes under the lamps.

Make-It-Up – Let’s return to the fall of 1960 for a second. Nixon famously told the make-up department at CBS studios that he wouldn’t need any foundation for the debates – despite protests by the production staff concerning his haggard look and 5 o’ clock shadow.  JFK, on the other hand, looked like he just stepped out of the California sun and it showed on screen. The bottom line – no make-up, no close-up.

Short Term Investment, Long Term Payoff

These are just a few suggestions in a long line of aspects to consider with video for your business. But if there is one note to remember above all others – web videos don’t die. Nor do they fade away gracefully. So, be sure to look and sound the part for today’s customers and tomorrow’s viewer.

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