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Pasadena Brand ManagementAt SLS Consulting, our online marketing team understands that every company with a strategy for online content has a message that they want to make clear to potential clients. While some may do this in overt ways, like slogans and logos, others will use client interaction and word-of-mouth to create a message.

However, there may be many ways in which you are actually sending out the wrong message concerning your company and the focus of your brand. Think about the following mistakes and how they may be sending out a different message concerning your company than you actually want.

Incompatible Values with Customers

You may have certain values when it comes to the emphasis of your company’s work and products, but are these in line with the values of your customers?

Clients may be coming to you in search of a product that is family-oriented, safe, or efficient, but if you are selling yourself as edgy, raw, or adult-focused, you can easily put off the people that are naturally looking for what you are selling. Use surveys and interactions with clients online to learn more about what they want and if your tactics are actually pushing them away.

Pushing a Convoluted Message

Can you say your company’s message in one breath? Do you have to look at it in writing to remember every detail? Then your message is probably too complex and overblown to be properly digested by consumers.

The idea is that consumers will be able to get a view of your core values, remember the message, and spread it to others. If it has to be written down, copied and pasted, or paraphrased, it will get lost, forgotten, and misinterpreted. Think about what you really want to say about your company and distill it down to its essence. This will inform the focus of your online content, which can expand upon these ideas in a longer form.

Being Bored with Your Own Message

The excitement and belief that you have in your own company is palpable for clients. Ever walk into a store and feel like everyone working there wants to be somewhere else? It doesn’t encourage you to buy anything and you usually want to get out of there quick. The same goes for your online presence.

If you are halfheartedly pushing a message about your brand that you don’t believe in or don’t care about, it will show through, no matter the quality of your writing. There are two ways to fix this: put someone who is excited to market for you in charge of your output or create a better message that suits your company and your goals. By doing so, the excitement and uniqueness found in your content will naturally improve.

A Company That Cares About Your Message

Through the online brand development work of the team at SLS Consulting, your company’s image and message can be solidified and consistently displayed throughout all forms of your online presence. To learn more about the ways in which your company can grow and how we can aid you, call our office today at (323) 254-1510.

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